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Each person closely associated with the daily life 
of Lebanon Valley College perceived the 1970-1971 
year slightly differently from his colleagues. 
Some compared similiarities with previous years. 
Others contrasted the great differences from pre- 
vious years. Some emphasized programs while 
others voiced concern about attitudes. 

The reports that unfold in these pages give some 
information which each reader can use to make his 
own judgement or do his own emphasizing. But 
whatever one chooses to emphasize or however one 
chooses to judge, all of us must recognize that 
there is no substitute for the understanding and 
cooperation of all who share a commitment to the 
College— students, faculty, administrators, support- 
ing staff, trustees, alumni, parents of students, and 
other friends. Every one of us depends on all others. 

Introducing this 1970-1971 report with an anticipa- 
tion of 1971-1972, I enthusiastically use a state- 
ment from one of the academic departments: 
"We point to continued pursuit of the goals of 
relevancy without loss of historical perspective, 
of flexibility without academic flabbiness, with 
a high level of intellectual performance by both 
staff and students. At the same time, the maximum 
possible personal attention will be given to the 
development of the dimensions of human existence, 
which alone can make Lebanon Valley unique 
among educational institutions." 


The students of 1970-1971 can be categorized in 
many different ways. Although our aim is to work 
with them as individuals, it is helpful sometimes 
to look at the numbers which apply to them as a 
group. The year began with 949 full-time students 
(530 men and 419 women). There were 41 part- 
time students. In addition to these students in the 
day program, 72 students participated in evening 
classes, and 359 attended classes at the University 
Center in Harrisburg. All of these figures were 
reduced for the second semester. 

The students came to the campus from seven 
countries, fifteen states, and forty-seven counties 
within Pennsylvania. The accompanying graphs 
give additional information. Almost eighty per cent 
of the full-time students lived in campus dormitories. 

Many students were troubled, both by the serious 
spiritual, social, and political problems of their 
times and by confusion about their own life styles. 
This has resulted, as it has at most institutions, in 
some problems of student government and slackened 
discipline. For the most part, however, students at 
Lebanon Valley have continued to recognize the 
rights of others and their own obligation to maintain 
an orderly and honorable presence on campus. 

The academic progress of the students appeared 
strong, as indicated by increased numbers on the 
Dean's list and increased numbers elected to Phi 
Alpha Epsilon. Fewer students were suspended for 
academic reasons. There was also a larger than 
usual number of seniors who received departmental 
honors at commencement in June. Three each of 
these students were in elementary education, 
English, and psychology, while one received com- 
bined honors in English and psychology. 

In addition to the successes met in the classroom, 
the students enriched their lives with diverse ac- 
complishments in other areas. The concert choir 
included Town Hall on its annual tour. The basket- 
ball team won the league championship. The Fine 
Arts Festival was an unusual first year success. 
Many clubs and groups provided service to the 
elderly, to the children, and to the underprivileged 
of our community. 





Among the seven full-time faculty members who 
were new to Lebanon Valley College in September, 
1970, were three departmental chairmen. Dr. 
Elaine S. Berson, Dr. Robert S. Davidon, and Dr. 
Joerg W. P. Mayer began service as chairmen of the 
departments of sociology, psychology, and mathe- 
matics respectively. Also new to the faculty were 
Mr. Philip A. Billings, Assistant Professor of English; 
Dr. John R. Horgan, Jr., Instructor in Physics; 
Mr. Donald E. Jeannet, Assistant Professor of French; 
and Dr. Mark L. Lyndrup, Assistant Professor of 

Although there were no retirements at the close of 
the year, there was an unusually large number of 
faculty who concluded services at the College for a 
variety of reasons. They were: Dr. Sylvia Malm, 
Assistant Professor of Biology; Dr. Robert E. 
Griswold, Associate Professor of Chemistry; Mr. 
Vinod P. Maniyar, Assistant Professor of Economics; 
Mr. D. John Grace, Instructor in Accounting; Mr. 
John P. Ramsay, Instructor in English; Dr. Eleanor 
Titcomb, Associate Professor of French; Mr. Donald 
E. Jeannet, Assistant Professor of French; Mr. 
Ronald A. Rogerson, Instructor in Physical Educa- 
tion; Dr. Keith L. Kilgore, Instructor in Political 
Science; Mrs. Mary B. Lewin, Assistant Professor 
of Mathematics; Mr. Ronald J. Burrichter, Instruc- 
tor in Voice. Many man hours were devoted to the 
recruitment of new faculty members for 1971-1972. 

The faculty of Lebanon Valley College continued the 
high quality of instruction for which it is noted. 
Many awards and honors came to several faculty 
members. The diversity of the faculty was illustra- 
ted by the fact that more than forty-five institutions 
have conferred bachelor's degrees upon them, and 
more than fifty have given them graduate degrees. 
This diversity in backgrounds has given the campus 
a pluralism and a stimulation that have added 
strength and interest to our program. 


Hardly any department went without some sort of 
curriculum revision during the year, although no 
complete revision was undertaken in any area. 
Changes in mathematics will make the program 
more serviceable to non-mathematics majors, 
especially those in the science areas. New courses 
were added in religion, history, physics, education, 
English, music, and psychology. The actuarial 
science program has been greatly strengthened by 
the authorization of a two semester sequence in 
life contingencies. 

After a visitation from an evaluation team repre- 
senting the Pennsylvania Department of Education 
in November, 1970, the College was informed that 
all of its teacher education programs have been 
approved for another five years in keeping with 
the general policy of the Department. 

During the year the College began a major self study 
in anticipation of the evaluation for accreditation 
by the Middle States Association of Colleges and 
Secondary Schools next year. An evaluation team 
representing the Middle States Association will 
visit the College in April, 1972. As always, the 
benefit of this experience will be determined 
chiefly by the honesty and thoroughness with 
which the institution examines itself. 

One of the new programs which touched both the 
curricular and co-curricular areas of the College 
was the Fine Arts Festival held in May. This festival 
enjoyed an unusual success in its first year, and 
plans are already underway for its second. Many 
persons cooperated in its initiation under the 
leadership of student Donald Frantz. 


Mr. William E. Hough, III, assumed the leadership 
in the Gossard Memorial Library, and, as Head 
Librarian, he has continued and initiated improve- 
ments in our program. 

The main floor of the building was improved with 
the installation of air conditioning, while additional 
physical improvements allowed for better utiliza- 
tion of space and for convenience in the use of 
library holdings. 

Studies were initiated regarding the holdings of the 
library and the service it provides the faculty and 
students. The library became a member of the 
Area College Library Cooperative Program of 
Central Pennsylvania. 

Additional studies developed into a proposal for 
changing the library classification system from the 
Dewey Decimal System to that of the Library of 
Congress. This major task will probably begin 
in 1971-1972. 


The faculty and the students were served by the 
following full-time professional administrative staff: 


Three Vice-Presidents 

One Assistant Dean and Registrar 

Two Student Deans 

Two Admissions officers 

Four librarians 

Two Development officers 

Three Public Relations officers 

One Director of Alumni Relations 

One Chaplain 

Two Business Office personnel 

One Nurse 

One Director of Athletics 

One College Center Director 

One Bookstore Manager 

Dr. Earl Mezoff concluded service as Vice President 
and Assistant to the President, and Mr. William 
McHenry concluded services as Director of Athlet- 
ics. Mr. Richard Showers and Mrs. Ann Monteith 
concluded services in Public Relations. Mrs. 
Monteith, however, plans to assist part time. 

Although the administrative staff was purposely 
limited in size the achievements and progress of the 
group assisted immensely in the growth and develop- 
ment of the College. Plans remain to keep the 
administrative staff as small as possible and to 
eliminate red tape wherever possible. 


Contrary to the general downward trend of appli- 
cations for admission to liberal arts colleges, the 
Lebanon Valley College admissions office has 
reported an increase in applications for admission 
to the College in September, 1971. Preparations 
were originally made for 330 new students. This 
number was later reduced to approximately 315 
when it became apparent that the retention of 
present students was going to be higher than 

These positive signs spoke well for the admissions 
program. The prospective students also had the 
benefit of the recently revised financial aid policy 
which was in its second year of assistance to new 
students. Meeting the financial need of students 
continued to be a major problem, but the combina- 
tion of state federal, private, and College resources 
was of great help. 


The largest, most anticipated project on campus 
was the construction of the College Center. 
Limited use of the Center began in late spring as 
different areas were completed, while preparation 
was made for full use in September. This facility 
was made possible by the use of borrowed money, 
and its repayment is the first priority of our 
"Fund for Fulfillment." 

As the College Center was nearing completion, 
a new dormitory for women was begun. This new 
dormitory is scheduled for completion in early 
1972, and it will allow for discontinuing the use of 
Kreider Hall as a men's dormitory. As women are 
transferred from Keister Hall to the new dormitory, 
men will be transferred from Kreider Hall to 
Keister Hall. 

Another property on College Avenue was purchased 
to provide improved space for faculty offices. 
Classrooms in the Administration Building were 
renovated. Scoreboards were added to the football 
field and to the gym. Instructional equipment *was 
up-graded, and walkways and roadways were improved. 

Also, many plans for the future were prepared. 
More information about these appears under the 
section on the "Fund for Fulfillment." 


Summary of Current Fund Revenues and Expendi- 
tures and Transfers year ended June 30, 1971: 

Current revenues 

Educational and general 
Auxiliary enterprises 
Study aid and work/study 
Annuity income 





Total current revenues 


Current Expenditures 

Educational and general 


Auxiliary enterprises 


Student aid 


Other educational operations 


Annuity payments 


Total current expenditures $3,130,503 

Transfers and appropriations 

Research and development reserve 50,000 

College Center Fund 18,680 

Debt retirement - non income and 

income producing 

properties 165,215 

Total transfers and appropriations 

Excess of revenues over expenditures 
and transfers and appropriations 




The 1970-71 year marked the first year of the new 
constitution for the Alumni Association. The 
Board of Governors functioned smoothly and 
contributed both to the Association and to the 
College. The year showed a 4.6% increase in alumni 
participation in the varied activities sponsored by 
the Association and the Alumni Office. 

New programs, such as the Elementary Education 
Alumni Day, brought more people to the campus, 
while new efforts to go to the alumni, such as the 
reception for alumni attending the Music Educators 
National Conference, involved additional people 
off campus. 

Among the five alumni representatives on the 
Board of Trustees are Mr. E. Peter Strickler, who 
was reelected for a term to expire June, 1974, and 
Mr. Walter Levinsky, who was elected for the same 
term. The Association's representatives on the 
Board of Trustees, on many committees, and in 
other efforts of the College have continued to 
enhance the quality of our institution. 


Many of the foundations from which we conduct 
our program have been changed in recent years. 
The Charter and by-laws of the College have been 
revised, the student government policy has been 
changed, and a new constitution has been adopted 
for the Alumni Association. How well these changes 
will stand the test of time is still to be seen, but the 
future can and will be strong if all who are associates 
and friends of the College will help when help 
is needed. 

It is always humbling to express thanks to those who 
have given so much to assure our present and our 
future. Dr. Allan Mund concluded nine years as 
Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Although he 
passed this office to Mr. Malcolm Meyer, he will 
continue service on the Board and on many of 
its committees. One cannot value enough the 
outstanding leadership Dr. Mund provided and 
the many obligations he assumed, including that 
of Acting President from April, 1967, until 
September, 1968. For his past service and for 
his future assistance we express our thanks. 

With this report I recognize the passing to his 
eternal reward of Dr. Francis H. Wilson, Professor 
Emeritus of Biology. 


The year was filled with preparations for the "Fund 
for Fulfillment;' This bold adventure has begun. 

The program has been designed to meet the major 
physical needs of the campus. The College Center, 
a Music Building, a Science Building, increased 
endowment, renovation of the educational facilities 
of the Administration Building, a bridge over the 
railroad, a campus entrance, and decreased indebt- 
edness are the varied projects of this long range 

Plans have been made to request a separate, 
beneficent gift from everyone who is interested 
in Lebanon Valley College. The idea of an extra 
gift has been emphasized so that we do not neglect 
our Annual Giving Program which supports the 
daily educational efforts of the College. The great 
development of the past two decades will come 
to full maturity with the "Fund for Fulfillment," 
while the strength of our curriculum will be 
heightened by the Annual Giving Program. Plans 
have been made for all of us to participate in both. 

The completion of these plans will provide separate 
and well-arranged areas for academic programs, 
residential and social life, and recreational and 
athletic activities. 


For the second straight year, total giving to Lebanon 
Valley College exceeded one-half million dollars. 
This accomplishment was an essential factor in 
enabling the College to complete the year without 
a deficit: an occurrence becoming less and less 
common among small colleges in America. 

Therefore, the members of the Board of Trustees, 
the faculty, and the administration express their 
sincere appreciation to the contributors who are 
listed on these pages and who made possible the 
continuation of quality education at Lebanon 
Valley College. 

We have strived to be as accurate as possible in 
the preparation of this report. However, if there 
are any omissions or corrections, we hope you 
will understand and inform us of our error. 

Ymt 1962 1963 1964 

1968 1969 1970 1971 


1. Annual Giving 



$ 75,785 











Deferred Gifts 




(a) Christian Service Fund 


Total Unrestricted 



Other - Endowment, Scholarship, Capital and 

designated programs. 


$ 16,474 





Deferred Gifts 





2. Grants - Federal and State 

Total Restricted 






Ymt 1962 1963 1964 


The President's Club of Lebanon Valley College 
recognizes those alumni and friends who contribute 
a minimum of $500.00 during the fiscal year. 
Those individuals listed below have been accorded 
recognition as members of the Club 

President's Club - 1970 - 1971 
Alumni 25 

Non-Alumni 68 

Total 93 


We are pleased to report an increase over last year 
in the area of financial support from the Eastern 
Pennsylvania and the Central Pennsylvania Con- 
ferences of the United Methodist Church. 

Effective Janauary, 1971, the Eastern Conference 
included the College in its annual budget. In 
addition, its support to the College was supple- 
mented through the initiation of the Dollars-for- 
Scholars Program— a promising innovation spear- 
headed by the laymen of each parish. The Central 
Conference continued its program of individual 
church support and has already taken action to 
provide college support from the budget effective 
January, 1972. 

During the past fiscal year, congregations of both 
Conferences contributed a total of $31,130 to 
the Lebanon Valley College Fund. The College 
is appreciative of this giving and looks forward to 
a strengthened relationship with the bishops, 
district superintendents, pastors, and laymen of 
both Conferences. 

The Actuaries Club of Philadelphia 

Aluminum Company of America 

AMP Incorporated 




Or. Vivia B. Appleton 

Mr. Henry R. Arnold 

Mrs. Henry R. Arnold 

Aycock, Incorporated 

Mrs. Ruth Engle Bender 

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bishop 

Mrs. Bertha Brossman Blair 

John A. Blessing Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Bowman 

Dr. William 0. Bryson 

Mrs. William 0. Bryson 

The Carpenter Steel Foundation 

Conestoga Heating & Plumbing 

Supply, Incorporated 
Mr. Joseph P. Dechert 
Mr. and Mrs. Curvin N. Oellinger 
Or. Woodrow S. Dellinger 
Mrs. Woodrow S. Dellinger 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Early, Sr. 
Eastman Kodak Company 
Esso Education Foundation 
Dr. Warren H. Fake 
Mrs. Warren H. Fake 
Farmers Trust Company of Lebanon 
Foundation for Independent Colleges 
Mrs. Margaret M. Fulk 
Mr. Paul F. Fulk 
Dr. E. N. Funkhouser 
Mrs. Ruth Evans Gerberich 
Hershey Foods Corporation 
Bishop Hermann W. Kaebnick 
W. K. Kellogg Foundation 
Dr. Gordon B. Kemp 
Dr. A. H. Kleffman 
Mrs. A. H. Kleffman 
Mr. Gideon Richie Kreider, Jr. 
Lebanon Steel Foundry Foundation 
Lebanon Valley College Auxiliary 
Lebanon Valley National Bank 
Mrs. Cecil B. Lutz 
Mr. Parke H. Lutz 

Dr. Thomas S. May 

Mr. Malcolm Meyer 

Mrs. Malcolm Meyer 

Dr. and Mrs. Frederic K. Miller 

Dr. and Mrs. John H. Moyer, III 

Dr. Allan W. Mund 

Mrs. Allan W. Mund 

Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York 

Dr. Howard A. Neidig 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Oberholtzer 

Otterbein United Methodist Church 

Peiffer's Foodland Incorporated 

Peoples National Bank of Lebanon 

Morris and Mary Press Foundation 

Mr. Robert H. Reese 

Mrs. Robert H. Reese 

Research Corporation 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin S. Rife 

Mr. Ralph M. Ritter 

Mrs. Ralph M. Ritter 

The George Ruck Trust 

Dr. Frederick P. Sample 

Mrs. Frederick P. Sample 

Sears Roebuck and Company 

Mr. Lawton W. Shroyer 

Mrs. Lawton W. Shroyer 

Horace E. Smith Foundation 

Mr. Horace E. Smith 

Mrs. Horace E. Smith 

Thomas F. Staley Foundation 

Mr. E. Peter Strickler 

Mrs. E. Peter Strickler 

Mrs. Louise Kreider Strickler 

The United Lutheran Church of Annville 

Dr. Woodrow Waltemyer 

Miss Esta V. Wareheim 

Dr. Albert Watson 

Mrs. Albert Watson 

Wengert's Dairy, Incorporated 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel K. Wengert 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Whiteman 

Mr. E.O.Williams, Jr. 

Mrs. E. D. Williams, Jr. 

Mrs. E. D. Williams, Sr. 

The Rev. Mark Wingerd 

Miss Amelia C. Winter 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Worrilow, Jr. 


The Century Club of Lebanon Valley College 
consists of those alumni and friends whose contri- 
butions total $100.00 or more for the past fiscal 
year. The individuals and industries listed below 
are granted this special recognition of membership 
and, along with the President's Club members, 
will be guests of the College at the annual Century 
Club Dinner on October 15, 1971. 

Century Club- 1970-1971 
Alumni 341 

Non-Alumni 249 



Mrs. Caroline Fisher Abusamra 
Mr. Les Erik B. Achey 
Or. H. Darkes Albright 
Dr. Edward P. Allen 
Mrs. Helen Schaak Allen 
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Allwein 
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Althouse, Jr. 
American Association of University Women 
American Bank and Trust Company of Pennsylvania 
Annville Water Company 

Armstrong Cork Company 
Mrs. Doris Bryden Armstrong 
Mr. Gable L Arnold 
Dr. George H. Arnold 
Mrs. Ruth Loser Attinger 
Mrs. Elaine Barron Auerbach 
I. Auman Machine Company 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Aungst 
Dr. George S. Bachman 
Mrs. Eugene L. Bailes 
Bargaintown U.S.A. 
Mr. Jefferson C. Barnhart 
Mrs. Mary Zartman Barnhart 
. Mr. John S. Baum 
Mrs. John S. Baum 
Mr. and Mrs. B. Leonard Bean 
Mr. Harry B. Behney 
Dr. Charles R. Beittel, Jr. 
The Rev. and Mrs. Dale R. Beittel 
Dr. and Mrs. James 0. Bemesderfer, Sr. 
Dr. Anthony K. Bering 
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Allen Either, Jr. 
Mr. Russell J. Bixler, Jr. 
Dr. Samuel H. Black 
Dr. and Mrs. Donald P. Bloser 
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Boag 
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bobb 
Boger's Coal Company 
Mr. 0. P. Bollinger 
Dr. Fred G. Bollman 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Bollman 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Bolway, Jr. 
Bomberger's Incorporated 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Bomgardner, Jr. 
Mrs. Myrtle Daugherty Bortz 
Mr. John J. Botts 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman M. Bouder 
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur L. Bowen 
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Bowman 
Mr. John B. Bowman 
Dr. Paul J. Bowman 
Mrs. Phyllis Snyder Boyer 
Mr. Samuel C. Boyer 
The Rev. and Mrs. David D. Brandt 
Brandywine Iron and Metal Company 
Harry L. Bricker, Jr., Esq. 
Dr. Nancy H. Bright 
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Bronson 
Mrs. Eloise Parr Brown 
Dr. Elwood R. Brubaker 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Bruenn 
Dr. Richard L. Bryson 
Mr. G. Harold Bucher 
Buell Engineering 
Mrs. Helen Sattazahn Burr 
Dr. John D. Calabrese 
Calcite Quarry Corporation 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Campbell 
Dr. Voorhis C. Cantrell 
Mr. and Mrs. D. Clark Carmean 
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Carpenter 
Mr. Robert U. Cassel 
The Cedar Book and Card Shop 
Dr. William E. Checket 
Mr. Samuel K. Clark 
Class of 1971 
Mrs. Anna L. Coble 
Mrs. Margaret Lehn Coleman 
Dr. Ralph E. Coleman 
Mrs. Madeline Mark Colman 
Capt. Charles T. Cooper 
Mr. and Mrs. John Cousler 
Mr. John S. Curry 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Curtis 
Dr. Hilda M. Damus 
Mrs. Simpson B. Daugherty 
Davis, Katz, Buzgon and Davis 
Miss Hazel A. Davis 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Davis 
The Dayton Malleable Iron Company 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. DeBaun 
Mrs. Miriam Book Decker 
Dr. Walter E. Deibler 
Mr. and Mrs. George A. DeLong 
Di-Anne Underwear Company, Inc. 
Miss Viola R. Dietrich 
District Maintenance Fund 
Dr. Carroll E. Ditzler 

Mr. and Mrs. Guy L. Dobbs 

Donmoyer Trucking 

Donough Pharmacy 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Douglass 

Mr. Charles Lawrence Doyle 

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore 0. Doyle 

Mrs. Agnes Morris DuBois 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Duke 

The Rev. Richard G. Dunwoody 

Dr. Morton J. Earley 

Ebersole Oldsmobile and Pontiac, Inc. 

Dr. and Mrs. Cloyd H. Ebersole 

William H. Egli, Esq. 

Dr. William A. Ehrgott 

Dr. and Mrs. Carl Y. Ehrhart 

Mr. Paul C. Ehrhart 

Mr. Lawrence A. Eiben 

Mr. Gary D. Eisenberger 

Dr. Herman A. Ellenberger 

Miss Catherine M. Engelhart 

Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Essick 

Dr. Russell H. Etter 

Mr. David J. Evans 

Mr. Samuel D. Evans 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. H. Evans 

Everite Knitting Mills 

Dr. Anna Dunkle Faber 

Mr. Elmer W. Faber 

Mr. William H. Fairlamb 

Mr. Edward R. Fancovic 

Mr. David J. Farting 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. Fasnacht 

Dr. Daniel W. Fasnacht 

Miss Martha C. Faust 

Dr. and Mrs. Alex J. Fehr 

Dr. and Mrs. Murray Feldman 

Dr. J. Allen Felty 

Dr. Joseph A. Ferrer 

Dr. Donald E. Fields 

Mrs. Frances Twaddle Fields 

Dr. Herbert Fields 

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Fink 

First National Bank 

LCDR Robert R. Fischer 

Dr. and Mrs. George E. Fissel 

The Rev. Bernard E. Fogle 

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Ford, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Frey 

Mrs. Elma Breidenstine Frysinger 

Fulton Avenue United Methodist Church 

Dr. Dennis L. Funck 

Arthur Funk and Sons, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Gable 

Dr. Dale W. Garber 

Mrs. Ellen Moyer Garber 

Miss Laura E. Garman 

Mr. Eugene R. Geesey 

Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 

Mrs. Geraldine Rothermel Getz 

Dr. Pierce A. Getz 

Mr. G. Wilbur Gibble 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Giles, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. LaVerd C. Gingrich 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Gingrich 

Dr. and Mrs. Russell L. Gingrich 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Gingrich 

Mr. and Mrs. Darwin G. Glick 

Dr. and Mrs. Martin L. Gluntz 

Gordon-Davis Linen Supply Company 

Mrs. Miriam Keller Gottlieb 

Dr. and Mrs. James K. Graby 

Grace United Methodist Church 

Mr. D. John Grace, Jr. 

Mrs. Dorothy Landis Gray 

Miss Rhoda L. Graybill 

Mr. Joseph J. Green 

Mr. William A. Grill, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel 0. Grimm, Jr. 

Dr. Robert Griswold 

Lt. Col. John I. Grosnick 

Dr. D. Dwight Grove 

Mv. Francis D. Grove 

Mr. Herbert Grove 

Kathryn Mowery Grove 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Guinivan 

Mr. Robert A. Gustin 

Mrs. Elaine Fake Hackman 

Miss Dorothy B. Hafer 

Mrs. Mary Rank Hain 

Mr. Glenn L. Hall 

Mr. Leander H. Hamm 

Mrs. Miriam Cassel Haring 

Mr. John R. Harper 

Dr. Miles D. Harriger 

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Harris 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Hartranft 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Hatz 

Hauck Manufacturing Company 

Dr. Allen Heim 

Dr. and Mrs, A. H. Heisey 

Mrs. Katharine Gingrich Hemperly 

Henise lira Service 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Henzel 

Mr. and Mrs Albert C. Herbert 

Miss Emma E. Herr 

Mrs, J; i ru Efay Herr 

Mr Torrance R. Herr 

Or.anclMrs. RbuIW. Hess 

Mr. David P. Hively 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Hoaster 

Eugene Roaster Company, Inc. 

Mrs. Nancy Sattazahn Hoff 

Dr, Richard R, Hoffman 

Mrs. Gladys Bjffington Holman 

Dr. and Mrs. Fred B. Hooper 

The Rev. Grantas E. Hoopert 

Mrs. Charles H. Horn 

Mrs. Dnrothy Yeakel Horn 

Dr Pgul E. Horn 

Mr Russei J. Horst 

Hostellers Clothing Store 

Dr, Mark J. Hostetter 

Mrs. Mark J. Hostetter 

Br. Herman K Hostetter 

Mr Melvin E. Hostetter 

Mr, and Mrs. Russell R. Hostetter 

The Hon. and Mrs. Willis M. Houck 

Household Finance Foundation 

Mrs, Mary ft- rtouseworth 

Mr, Harry L. Hovis 

Mrs- Ida Trou; Hudson 

Mumble Companies Foundation 

IBM Corporation 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. lannarella 

Mrs. Nancy Ann Myers Inners 

Mrs, Edith McCartney Jones 

Dr. and Mrs, William G. Jones 

Mr. William L Jones 

Dr. Joseph Mitchell Jordon 

K and Y Sales 

Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Kaplan 

Dr. Abraham . Katsh 

Mr. Paul K. Keene 

Miss Ellen S.Keller 

Mr. Theodore D. Keller 

Kercher Machine Works 

Mr. and Mrs. William Kerr 

Keystone Weaving Mills 

Mrs. Verna L Ktehl 

Dr- Charles 6. Kinney, Jr. 

Dr. John Kunkel Kitzmiller 

K lick- Lewis Bjick Chevrolet 

Dr. Robert M. Kline 

Mrs. Josephine Schell Klopp 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Knisley 

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Koch 

Mr, and Mrs. Robert F. Koch, Sr. 

Mix Winifred E. Koenigsberg 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Kohler 

Koppers Foundation 

Kreamer Brothers Furniture Store 

Mr. and Mrs, John W. Kreamer 

The Han. Homer L. Kreider 

Mrs. Josephine Hershey Kreider 

Dr. and Mrs. Clair C. Kreidler 

Or- Harold A. Krohn 

Mrs, Harold A. Krohn 

Mr- Edgar M. Landis 

Mr. George F. Landis, Jr. 

Mr, Thomas Lanese 

Mrs. Thomas Lanese 

Mrs. Ruth Shroyer Lark 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Lau 

Dr. and Mrs. George B. Laubach 

Mr. and Mrs Earl L. Lauver 

Dr. James H. Leathern 

Lebanon County Trust Company 

Lebanon Plurrbing Supply, Inc. 

Lebanon Valley Offset Company 

Mf. and Mrs, Kermit R. Leitner 

Leshers Mack Trucks Sales & Service 

Mr. Walter Lewinsky 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Levy 

Dr. and Mrs. John J. B. Light 

Mr. S. P. Lighl, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Karl L. Lockwood 

Logan's Dress Shop 

Dr. Afiram M. Long 

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Long 

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore K. Long 

Mrs. Hilda Keller Longenecker 

Dr. Jean 0- Love 

Mr, and Mrs. Norman G. Lukens 

Mr, Robert W. Lutz 

Ma's Old Fashion Bottling Company 

Mr- Francis W. MacMullen 

Dr, Sydney P. Magriney 

Mrs. Mary Lutz Mairs 

Dr. Donald V. Malick 

Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Malm 

Manada Hill United Methodist Church 

C. F. Manbeck, Inc. 
Dr. Alonzo L. Mantz 
Mariani Plumbing 

Dr. and Mrs. George R. Marquette 

Dr. and Mrs. John E. Marshall 

Dr. Monroe H. Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Martin 

Marty's Music Store 

Dr. James H. Mather 

Mr. and Mrs. Gustav T. Maury 

Mrs. Nancy L. McCall 

Mr. Peter P. McEvoy,Jr. 

Mr. John R. McFadden 

Mr. Lester A. McKee 

Mr. Roger M. McKinley 

Dr. Mary C. McLanachan 

Dr. Warren F. Mentzer 

The Merck Company Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. George Messersmith 

Metropolitan Edison Company 

Dr. Bruce M. Metzger 

Mr. Elwood W. Meyers 

Mrs. Pearl March Meyers 

Dr. and Mrs. Earl R. Mezoff 

Mrs. Margaret Millard 

Miller Brothers, Inc. 

Miller's Pie Shop 

Dr. Armand J. Miller 

Dr. and Mrs. Claude J. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis R. Miller 

Mr. David R. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Miller 

Mr. Gerald D. Miller 

Dr. Harry K.Miller, Jr. 

Mrs. Helen Bartlett Miller 

Mrs. Susan Smith Miller 

Mrs. Edith Frantz Mills 

Mobil Foundation, Inc. 

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Monteith 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Monteith, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Moore 

Mr. William Tryeon Moore 

Mr. Robert W. Morris 

Mrs. Robert D. Morris 

Myles C. Morrison, Esq. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Mowrey 

Mrs. Suzanne Krauss Moyer 

Mr. Walter H.Muller, Jr. 

Dr. Frederick W. Mund 

Mr. and Mrs. Jay C. Musser 

Mrs. Vera Shoop Musser 

Mr. Carl R. Myers 

Mrs. Dorothy Mease Myers 

Miss Mildred E. Myers 

National Merit Scholarship Corporation 

Mr. William W. Nebb 

Dr. David D. Neiswender 

Mr. Albert J. Nepi 

Dr. John H. Ness, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Ness 

Mr. Rufus R. Ness 

Mr. Harry Newcomer 

Mr. James R. Newcomer, Jr. 

Mr. Robert A. Nichols, III 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nissley 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Nitrauer 

Dr. William E. Nitrauer 

Mrs. William E. Nitrauer 

Mr. and Mrs. Clair W.Noll 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert O'Donnell 

Mr. Robert D. O'Hara 

Dr. George D. Owen 

Miss Lena Owens 

Mr. Joseph Oxley 

D. J. Parr, Incorporated 
Mrs. Jane Fearnow Patton 
Dr. Harold S. Peiffer 

Mr. Lee D. Peiffer 

Mrs. Lee D. Peiffer 

Mr. Walter R. Penman 

The J. C. Penney Company 

Pennsylvania Power & Light Company 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernardo Penturelli 

Mr. Gerald J. Petrofes 

Dr. Ray W. Pickel 

Dr. S. Elizabeth Piel 

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Pieringer 

Elmer E. Plasterer, Inc. 

The Presser Foundation 

Mrs. Edith Kreiser Pro bus 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Purviance 

Mr. Paul A. Putt 

Quaker Alloy Casting Company 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Quickel 

Mr. John M. Quinn 
Mr. Thomas S. Quinn, Jr. 
Mrs. Thomas S. Quinn, Sr. 
R & J Motors 
Miss Yvonne Raab 
Dr. Alexander B. Rakow 
Dr. Ezra H. Ranck 
Mrs. Ezra H. Ranck 
Dr. J. Allan Ranck 
Mrs. J. Allan Ranck 
Dr. and Mrs. David H. Rank 
Mr. Donald Rank 
Mr. John F. Ray 
Dr. and Mrs. Howard F. Reber 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart 
Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes 
Mrs. Jacob L. Rhodes 
Richland Knitting Milts 
The Richland National Bank 
Dr. Robert C. Riley 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Rismiller 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Ritrievi 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Roberts 
Rohland Funeral Home 
Rohm & Haas Company 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Rohrbaugh 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Rojahn 
Mrs. Dorothy Garber Roudabush 
Dr. Robert L. Roudabush 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Rowe 
Mr. F. Allen Rutherford, Jr. 
Mrs. F. Allen Rutherford, Jr. 
Dr. Joseph D. Rutherford 
Dr. and Mrs. George P. Rutt 
S&M Dress, Inc. 
Mary Sachs Foundation 
St. Paul's United Methodist Church 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sazama 
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin R. Schaak 
Mr. William E. Schadler 
Miss Esther Schell 
Miss Irene J. Schell 
Mr. andlVlrs. John W. Schreiber 
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Schrope 
Mr. Jack H. Schuler 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Seltzer 
Servomation Services, Inc. 
Mr. Russel 0. Shadel 
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Shay 
Mr. Kenneth C. Sheaffer 
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Shearer 
Mrs. Ann Esbenshade Shelby 
Shell Companies Foundation, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Shemas, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Shenk 
Sheridan Slag Company 
Dr. Carl R. Sherk 
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Sherman 
Mr. Paul A. Shields 
Mrs. Sandra Weit Shipman 
Mr. Allen S. Shortlidge 
Mrs. Lenor Bender Shortlidge 
Mrs. Justina Balmer Showers 
Mr. Richard V. Showers 
Mrs. Richard V. Showers 
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Shroyer 
Dr. Valentino V. Sica 
Dr. Mabel I. Silver 
**Dr. Damon L. Silvers, Jr. 
Mrs. Ella Ruppersberger Silvers 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Donald Simmers 
Mr. Ralph L. Sloat 
Smith, Kline & French Foundation 
Mrs. Alva R. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Benton P. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Smith 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard T. Smith 
Mr. Robert W.Smith . 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Smith 
Mr. Walter L. Smith, Jr. 
Mr. Hilliard Y. Smuck 
Miss Pauline T. Snavely 
Miss Eleanor R. Snoke 
Mrs. Elizabeth Gallatin Snoke 
Mr. and Mrs. Cletus W. Snowberger 
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Snyder 
Dr. Harvey B. Snyder 
The Rev. and Mrs. Bruce C. Souders 
Sowers Printing Company 
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Sowers 
Mr. A. C. Spangler 
Mr. Earl J. Spangler 
Mr. Hayden U. Sparks 
Mr. Arthur G. Spickler 
Calvin D. Spitler, Esq. 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Stachow 
Stager Brother Enterprises 

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Stambach 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Foster Stambach 

Standard Boiler Works, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dayle H. Stare 

Mr. and Mrs. Philo A. Statton 

Miss Ethel Stauffer 

Mr. William D. Steely, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen W. Steffy 

Mrs. Carol Bronson Steiner 

Mr. Daniel E. Steiner 

Mr. Paul H. Stern 

Dr. and Mrs. Cawley H. Stine 

Mr. Richard G. Stone 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph N. Straley 

Mrs. Peggy Barbour Staughen 

Miss Evalyn M. Strickler 

Dr. George G. Struble 

Mr. Reuel E. Swank 

Mr. John F. Swope 

Mrs. Martha Ross Swope 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Thompson 

Dr. and Mrs. James M. Thurmond 

Miss Evelyn Toser 

Dr. C. F. Joseph Tom 

Tread way Inn 

Dr, and Mrs. Perry J. Troutman 

Mr. Robert P. Tschop 

The Rev. and Mrs. Harold L Ulmer 

Miss B. Elizabeth Ulrich 

Major and Mrs. Paul T. Ulrich 

Dr. Samuel D. Ulrich 

Mrs. Samuel D. Ulrich 

Mr. Edmund H. Umberger 

Mrs. Theresa Stefan Umberger 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Vanderwall 

Mr. Melville J. VanHorn 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Vowler 

WLBR Radio Station 

Mrs. Mary Young Wagner 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Walmer 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Walter 

Mr. John F. Walter 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul K. Waltz 

Mrs. Helen M. Ward 

Mr. W. Royce Ward 

Mr. Earl D. Warner 

Washington Mutual Insurance Company 

Dr. and Mrs. Harry P. Weast 

Weaver's Famous Lebanon Bologna, Inc. 

The Rev. Charles E. Weigel, Jr. 

Dr. Donald E. Weiman 

Mr. Ronald B. Weinel 

Weis Markets, Inc. 

Dr. Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger 

Mr. John H. Weisburger 

Mr. Harlan Wengert 

Mrs. Harlan Wengert 

Mrs. Ellen Reath Wert 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Wert 

Dr. L Elbert Wethington 

The Rev. and Mrs. Melvin L. Whitmire 

Mr. and Mrs. Homer W. Wieder 

Mr. Earl C. Williamson 

Mrs. Francis H. Wilson 

Mrs. Luella Darcas Wilson 

Miss Ethel V. Wilt 

Dr. and Mrs. William A. Wilt 

Mr. Robert B. Wingate 

Mr. Merle L. Wise 

Mr. Albert F. Witmer 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Witter 

Mrs. Ethel Fake Wolf 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul L Wolf 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur Wolfe 

Mr. Robert D. Womer 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Wonderling 

Mr. Glenn H.Woods 

Mrs. W. H. Worrilow, Sr. 

Zerox Corporation 

Mrs. Louisa Williams Yardley 

Mr. and Mrs. Charle W. Yarger 

Mr. Donald 0. Yeatts 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Roy Yerger 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Yerger 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Yingst 

Dr. M. Dale Yocum 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Yost 

The Arthur Young Foundation 

Mr. Edwin H. Zeigler 

Mrs. Myrtle A. Zeigler 

Mrs. Grace Keener Zerbe 

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar I. Zerbe 

Mr. Arthur S. Ziegler 

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Ziegler 

Lt. and Mrs. James H. Zimmerman 

Mrs. Nancy Cramer Zimmerman 

Mr. Raymond S. Zimmerman, Jr. 

Mr. Richard P. Zimmerman 


Lebanon Valley College is grateful to these 
many alumni and friends who invested in the 
1970- 1971 Lebanon Valley College Fund. 
Please note that 2050 of those alumni solicited, 
(many alumni addresses are unknown) made 
contributions to the College. This is an * 
all-time Annual Giving record. Correspondingly, 
it is gratifying to report that the support of 
parents and other friends of the College 
increased for the fourth consecutive year and 
set new all-time highs. A special word of 
thanks is due to the faculty and administra- 
tive staff, 94% of whom underscored their faith 
and concern for Lebanon Valley College by 
responding generously to this year's program. 

Class Agent 
** Deceased 
H Honorary Degree Member 

Clan of 1897 

Mary Richards Hough 

Class of 1900 

Lena Owens 

Class of 1903 

Charles A. Fisher 

Class of 1904 

David 0. Brandt 

Class of 1905 

Frances Engle Brandt 
George D. Owen 
Albert J. Shenk 

Class of 1907 

Mabel S. Herr 

Class of 1908 

Roger S. B. Hartz 
Cecilia Oldham Henry 
S. Burman Long 
Edith Frantz Mills 
Lvdia Gambler Snoop 
Louise Kreider Strickler 

Class of 1909 

Lawrence M. Fisher 
Albert D. Flook 
Gideon Richie Kreider, Jr. 
J. Warren Stehman 

Class of 1910 

Lena May Hoerner 
Edith Freed Martz 
Jesse T. Yoder 

Class of 1911 

Fred L. Frost 
Verda Snyder Frost 
Clair F. Harnish 
Ruth Detweiler Rettew 
Samuel G. Ziegler 

Class of 1912 

Katharine Gingrich Hemperly 

Esther Schell 

Helen Brightbill Statton 

Class of 1913 

Edith Lehman Arndt 
Florence E. Clippinger 
Edna Yarkers Ehrhart 
Clara Horn Loser 
Lottie M. Spessard 
Charles Y. Ulrich 
Sara E. Zimmerman 

Class of 1914 

Charles H. Arndt 
Ora B. Bachman 
Edgar M. Landis 
Blanche Risser Lyter 
Howard L. Olewiler 

Class of 1915 

Ruth Engle Bender 
Paul J. Bowman 
Mary Myand Coblentz 
Larene Engle OeHuff 
John H. Ness, Sr. 
Philo A. Statton 
Florence Mentz Thompson 

Class of 1916 

*A. H. Kleffman 
Myrtle Daugherty Bortz 
William C. Carl 
Margaret Myers Glasgow 
Robert E. Hartz 
Willis E. McNelly 
Nancy M. Miller 
Mary Bergdoll Seville 
Esther Heintzelman Shartle 
Frank Shearer 
C. Guy Stambach 
Esta V. Wareheim 

Class of 1917 

"Edwin H. Zeigler 
Ammon L. Boltz 
Esther Bachman Booth 
George A. OeHuff 
David R. Fink 
Ellen Moyer Garber 
Rena G. Hoff 
Hilda Colt Jackowick 
Pauline Clark Kaley 
Ethel Strickler Klopp 
Rufus H. LeFevre 
Ella Mutch Leister 
Christine Carter Letts 
Abram M. Long 
Mary Garver Mathewson 
Luella Batdorf Ripsch 
Violet Wolfe Risser 
Russell H. Rupp 
Joseph D. Rutherford 
Harry E. Schaeffer 
A. Herman Sherk 
Nettie M. Showers 
Edwin H. White 
Reuben W. Williams 

Class of 1918 

Helen Schaak Allen 
Ruth Loser Attinger 
Merab Gamble Brooks 
Mae Smith Bucher 
Ada Beidler Bull 
Dorothy E. Davis 
Walter K. Fasnacht 
Dale W. Garber 
Ray Y. Grube 
Herman H. Hostetter 
Harry W. Katerman 
Roy 0. McLaughlin 
S. F.W. Morrjson 
Elizabeth Gallatin Snoke 
Katheryn Ruth Swalm 
Daniel E. Walter 
Mark Wingerd 
Louisa Williams Yardley 
Irma Rhoads Zug 

Class of 1919 

•Ralph L. Sloat 
Norman M. Bouder 
Walter Q. Bunderman 
Elena Secrist Elliott 
Lucia Jones Fencil 
Mabel More Heller 
Mary Lutz Mairs 
Mary Creighton McNelly 
Myles C. Morrison 
John E. Oliver 
Ruth Hughes Palmer 
Kathryn Gingrich Richard 
Martha V. Schmidt 
Justina Balmer Showers 
Earl H. Tschudy 
Luella Darcas Wilson 
Jesse 0. Zeigler 

Class of 1920 

Edward P. Allen 
Helena Maulfair Bouder 
Walter E. Deibler 
Ethel Lerew Evans 
Harvey W. Fishburn 
Ruth Evans Gerberich 
Ralph T. Mease 
Virginia Smith Ruth 
Cawley H. Stine 

Class of 1921 

*Mary Shettel Welty 
Ethel J. Angus 
Olive Darling 
Mabel Miller Farrell 
Orin J. Farrell 
Gladys M. Fencil 
Edgar C. Hastings 
Joseph W. Kettering 
Russell W. Uhler 
Jacob J. Wolfersberger 

Class of 1922 

•Carl W. Hiser 
Jay Hartzell Arnold 
Meta Burbeck Bauer 
Alta B. Bortz 
Ruth H iester Creasy 
J. Owight Daugherty 
Catherine M. Engelhart 
Warren H. Fake 
Marion Heffelman Fishburn 
Miriam Cassel Haring 
Oliver S. Heckman 
Effie M. Hibbs 
Josephine Hershey Kreider 
Verna Hess Larkin 
Adam D. Miller 
Edwin M. Rhoad 
Pearl R. Seitz 
Russel 0. Shadel 
Gertrude Gingrich Shultz 
Reuel E. Swank 

Class of 1923 


Kathryn Kratzert Bechtel 
Oorothy Sholly OeVerter 
J. Raymond Hutchinson 
Rosa Ziegler Limbert 
Joseph R. MacDonald 
H. Lloyd Miller 

Raymond M. Qberholtzer 
Mary Hiester Parkes 
Ira M. Ruth 
Eleanor F. Shaaffar 
Dorothy Fencil Smith 
Elizabeth Smith Snyder 
Delia Harr Thomas 
Helen Hughes Wilkinson 

Class of 1924 

Edward U. Bdlsbajgh 
Frances Wood Blcse 
Ruth Baker Charf ield 
Gladstone P. Cooley 
Dora Billett Davis. 
Samuel 0- Evans 
Calvin F. Pencil 
Donald E. Fields 
Rachel Hamdel Fink 
Susan Ziegler Frank 
Ruth C. Harpel 
Ida Troul Hudson 
Kathrine Balsbauqh Lackey 
Charles C. Leber 
Sdrj Gr emer Latfler 
Armantl J. Miller 
Claude E. Rnpp 
Benlon P. Smith 
Charles C. Smith 
Mary Fegan Snyder 
El wood C, Stabler 
Laura Slrjckler Witmer 

Class .of I92S 

Frank C. Aungst 
Flossie Geoff Brown 
Dorothy Longenecker Cooley 
Ruth Kennedy Emery 
Yvonne Green Goodhue 
Mary Houck Hager 
Kathryn NisJey Hen- 
Meyer M Hostetier 
Esther Hughes Kelchner 
Ellen S. Keller 
Theodore J. Kr eider 
Oliver Charles Kuntzleman 
Earl J. Leffler 
Blanche C- L angle 
Sara Dearwechter Neischwender 
William E. Nitrauer 
William H, Qtiaid 
Lola Desenberg, Ramsay 
Viola Mitchell Rickabaugh 
Ruth Hoy Sadler 
Varna I. Seiizinger 
Mabel I. Silver 
Elizabeth 5- Sloai 
Marion Stray er Ward 

Class ol 1926 

•Mervie H. Welly 
Helen Hafer Andrews 
Carrie Early Barber 
Dorcas E. Roftz 
Lloyd S Bowman 
Paul E. Cooper 
S. L. Earley 

Permelia Rose Emanuel 
William A, Grill, Jr. 
Henry T. Ishimura 
Raymond N. Keira 
Marion Hess Kulb 
John W. Luckens ' 

Clyde E. Rickabaugh 
Esther Shenk 
Beatrice Slesser Sherk 
David K. Shroyer 
Hilliard Y. Smuck 
Lottie J. Snavely 
Margaret Rhodes Stambaugh 
Helen Longenecker Tilton 
Homer W. Wieder 
Ralph M. Wood 
Herbert B. Zechman 

Class of 1927 

Elmer R. Andrews 
Samuel K. Clark 
Madeline Mark Colman 
Clair M. Daniel 
Maurice C. Demmy 
Leland K. Fackler 
D. Leroy Fegley 
Blanche Stager Fox 
Harold W. Fox 
Gladys Buffington Holman 
Esther Beyerle Keller 
Robert T. Knouff 
C. Floyd Lichtenberger 
Pearl C. Lindemuth 
Hilda Heller Longenecker 
Emma I. Madciff 
Esther Walmer Madciff 
Mary C. McLanachan 
Jennie Snoop Miller 
Wade S. Miller 
Florence Dundore Ness 
Walter L. Ness 
Kathryn Wheeler Snavely 
W. Maynard Sparks 
Clarence E. Ulrich 
Miriam Oaugherty Ulrich 
John F. Walter 
Myra Sheaffer White 
Earl C. Williamson 

Class of 1928 

*0. P. Bollinger 
H. Darkes Albright 
J. Bruce Behney 
Marian Dorsheimer Campbell 
Esther M. Flickinger 
Earl W. Fornwalt 
Laura E. Garman 
Mabel Hafer Gelbert 
Emma Meyer Koch 
Raymond H. Koch 
Henry A. Kohler 
Sarah Rose Kohler 
Lloyd H. Lux 
Monroe H. Martin 
Mabel Brewbaker Mentzer 
Millard J. Miller 
Harvey L. Nitrauer 
David H. Rank 
Irene J. Schell 
Byron W. Sheetz 
Frances Long Shroyer 
Viola Wolf Silvernail 
Bernice Hoover Singley 
G. Clifford Singley 
Eleanor R. Snoke 
Dorothy Brunner Watson 
Arnold H. Zwally 
Mae Burkholder Zwally 

Class of 1929 

* Hazel Bailey Smedley 
Henry G. Aungst 
John W. Beattie 
Russell G. Becktel 
William C. Blatt 
Martin F. Bleichert 
Carol Brinser 
John D. Calabrese 
Ruth Strubhar Clark 
Lawrence B. Derickson 
Viola R. Dietrich 
Arba D. Disney 
Irene Miller Disney 
Frances Twaddle Fields 
Carl E. Heilman 
Mary Overly Hertzler 
Harry L. Hovis 
Paul W. Hunter 
Lewis A. Lutz 
Robert W. Lutz 
Anna Apgar Mengel 
Emmeline Shaffer Miller 
Frederic K. Miller 
Russell C. Oyer 
Jane Fearnow Patton 
Ruth E. Reigel 
Ralph H. Sherk 
Miriam Muth Vanderwall 
William A. Wilt H 
Nancy Ulrich Wood 

Class of 1930 

Reba Logan Albright 
Anna Hershey Allwein 
Homer J. Allwein 
Hilda Hess Bartholow 
Dorothy Hiester Behney 
Louise Boughter Bennett 
M. Blanche Cochran 
Marian Heaps Cote 
Olive Morrow Dougherty 
Mary Rank Hain 
G. Edgar Hertzler 
J. Calvin Keene 
Josephine Schell Klopp 
Elwood W. Meyers 
Josephine Yake Miller 
Mildred Myers 
William J. Myers 
Ruth Cooper Sanford 
Helen Hain Shearer 
Lloyd C. Shirk 
Henry T. Silberman 
Oscar F. Stambaugh 
Paul H. Stern 
Norman Vanderwall 
Madeline Rife Yundt 
Harry W. Zechman 
Grace Keener Zerbe 

Class of 1931 

Caroline Fisher Abusamra 
Francis B. Ban- 
George J. Becker 
Henry D. Berkov 
Sara Bowman Brubaker 
S. Fred Christman 
Sara L. Ensminger 
Merle W. Eshleman 
Paul J. Evancoe 
Dorothy B. Hafer 
Helen E. Kauffman 
Edgar W. Meiser 
Margaret Light Miller 








of Gifts 




















































































































































































































































































Russell E. Morgan 
Quebe E. Nye 
Katharine Bowers Rank 
Robert L. Roudabush 
Margaret Young Schrope 
Charles J. Snavely 
Anne Wengert Whitmire 
Alma Binner Wise 
Charles H. Wise 
Earl E. Wolf 
Joseph E. Wood 

Class of 1932 

Hilda D. Buckley 
Newton M. Burgner 
Margaret Lehn Coleman 
Ralph E. Coleman 
Naomi Shively Depuy 
Morton J. Earley 
Lorayne Seele Freeman 
Alfred T. Gibble 
Anna Garber Hollinger 
Dorothy Haldeman Hoover 
John D. Hughes 
Paul K. Keene 
Alvin E. Kinney 
Ruth Shroyer Lark 
James H. Leathern 
Evelyn Keller Leib 
Hester Thompson Lewis 
Elizabeth Flook MacGregor 
Pearl March Meyers 
James R. Monteith 
Frederick W. Mund 
George R. Nye 
Ray W. Picket 
Donald Rank 

Dorothy Garber Roudabush 
Ann Esbenshade Shelby 
Allen S. Shortlidge 
Lenora Bender Shortlidge 
Mary Bixler Stambaugh 
B. Elizabeth Ulrich 
Dorothy N. Snyder Yeager 

Class of 1933 

Regina Oyler Berkheimer 
Ruth Cobel Burkhart 
Woodrow S. Dellinger 
William A. Ehrgott 
Kathryn B. Engle 
Kathryn Leisey Forry 
James T. Frantz, Jr. 
Helen Eddy Hart 
Mabel 0. Hoffsommer 
William L. Jacks 
Amos H. Knisley 
Walter 0. Krumbiegel 
J. Lee McConnell 
Anne Gohn Miller 
Sophia Morris 
Carl R. Myers 
Luella H. Myers 
Miriam Miller Roush 
Leonard M. Schrope 
Virginia G. Thrush 
Samuel D. Ulrich 
Stuart W. Werner 
Jane Muth Whiteman 
Mary Stephens Wolf 
Flo Grim Wygant 
Harry E. Zeck 

Class of 1934 

*J. Allan Ranck 
Eva Shissler Becktel 
Miriam Book Decker 
K. Morgan Edwards 
DeWitt Essick 
Earl B. Frey 
Joe C. Gilbert 
Verna I. Grissinger 
Mary S. Groff 
D. Dwight Grove 
Kathryn Mowrey Grove 
June Eby Herr 
Joseph Mitchell Jordan 
Margaret Longenecker Kern 
Wendell R. King 
Christine Gruber Kreider 
Edna C. Kreider 
John J. B. Light 
Max H. Light 
Thomas S. May 
Charlotte Weirick McFaul 
H. Algire McFaul 
Clyde S. Mentzer 
Rudolph B. Miller 
Walter W. Miller 
Mary Gossard Monteith 
Dorothy Jackson Nice 
Catherine Heckman Nitrauer 
Philip J. Rojahn 
Martha Kreider Rudnicki 
Matilda Bonanni Sando 
Richard D. Schreiber 
George D. Sherk 
Edmund H. Umberger 
Robert D. Womer 

Class of 1935 

'Allen W. Steffy 
Elizabeth Ford Anderson 
Casper E. Arndt 
Steward J. Barthold 
Frank P. Boran 
Frances Holtzman Colbert 
Ruth Bailey Doll 
David J. Evans 
C. Willard Fetter 
Anne Butterwick Gilbert 
George J. Hiltner, Jr. 
Alma Cline King 
Theodore K. Long 
Warren F. Mentzer 
Bruce M. Metzger 
Gerald B. Russell 
Charles F. Rust 
Kenneth C. Sheaffer 
Albert J. Sincavage 
Pauline T. Snavely 
Arthur G. Spickler 
Richard R. Walborn 
Rebecca Adams Whitlock 
John E. Witter 

Class of 1936 

* Robert U. Cassel 
Virginia Britton Ax 
George S. Bachman 
Rae Anna Reber Barr 
Charles E. Bartolet, Sr. 
James 0. Bemesderfer, Sr. 
Louise Bishop 
Winona Shroff Botello 
Louvain Roberts Daugherty 
Evelyn C. Frick 
Louise Shearer Gingher 

Alvin R. Grove, Jr. 
Samuel S. Harnish 
Mark G. Hartman 
Nancy Bowman Hatz 
W. Howard Heffner 
Vernon C. Hemperly 
Anna Mary Herr 
Mark J. Hostetter 
Louise Gillan Morrison 
Harold H. Niebel 
Richard C. Rader 
Mary Haddox Rockwell 
Thelma McCreary Rust 
Irwin R. Schaak 
Helen Summy Schell 
Jack H. Schuler 
Irma Keiffer Shearer 
Robert B. Troxel 
Charlotte Stabley Warner 

Class of 1937 

•F.Allen Rutherford, Jr. 
Sara Light Aungst 
Edward R. Bachman 
John A. Bollman 
William H. Earnest 
Martha C. Faust 
Cordelia Sheaffer Felder 
Karl R. Flocken 
Lois Harbold Guise 
Russell C. Hatz 
Arthur R. Heisch 
A. H. Heisey 
Eleanor Lynch Hemperly 
Charles I. Hoffman 
Charles B. Kinney, Jr. 
Norman Lazin 
Francis W. MacMullen 
Gayle Mountz Niebel 
Howard F. Reber 
Pauline Yeager Richie 
Donald E. Shay 
George Smeltzer 
Richard T. Smith 
Claire Adams Stoudt 
Edwin H. Tallman 
Dewey E. Linger 
Edna Binkley Walmer 
Paul K. Waltz 
Flora Strayer Weaver 

Class of 1938 

•Russell H. Wert 
Clarence C. Aungst 
Jefferson C. Barnhart 
Mary Zartman Barnhart 
Robert S. Black 
Adolph J. Capka 
Gordon Davies 
Curvin N. Dellinger 
Lucille Maberry Detwiler 
Agnes Morris DuBois 
Walter M. Ehrhart 
Herman A. Ellenberger 
G. Wilbur Gibble 
John R. Gongloff 
Paul E. Holdcraft H 
Isobel Cox Klinefelter 
John W. Kreamer 
Lena Risser Mitchell 
Helen A. Netherwood 
Greta Heiland Payne 
Roger B. Saylor 
C. Boyd Shaffer 
Louise Stoner Shaffer 
Daniel L. Shearer 
Ethel Houtz Slonaker 
Paul J. Slonaker 
Ernestine Jagnesak Smith 

Calvin D. Spitler 
Curvin L. Thompson 
Emily Kindt Trefz 
Elizabeth Bender Ulrich 
Paul T. Ulrich 
Theresa Stefan Umberger 
John D. Walmer 
Ethel V. Wilt 

Class of 1939 

Grace Geyer Aston 
Evelyn Fri dinger Baker 
Anna Light Blatt 
Mildred Gangwer Bond 
Edith Metzger Booser 
Irene Ranck Christman 
Louis J. Conrad 
Carl W. Dempsey 
Julia Johnson Edwards 
Arthur Evelev 
Dorothy Null Frey 
Raymond T. Frey 
Mildred Haas Grimm 
Thomas W. Guinivan 
Leander H. Hamm 
Dorothy Yeakel Horn 
Ruth C. A. Keene 
Harlin S. Kinney 
John Dunkel Kitzmiller 
Cynthia M. Lamke 
Cora Graby Limmroth 
Mae Mulhollen Mallinson 
Jean Marbarger Medinger 
Lillian Zubroff Melman 
Amy Meinhardt Melson 
Helen Bartlett Miller 
John H. Moyer, III 
Jay C. Musser 
Rufus R. Ness 
Donald R. Shope 
h * Damon L. Silvers, Jr. 
Donald G. Smith 
Raymond R. Smith 
Robert W. Smith 
Coda W. Sponaugle 
Evalyn M. Strickler 
Robert B. Tschope 
Samuel E. Vaughan 
Roy A. Weidman 
Grover Zerbe 

Class of 1940 

Dean M. Aungst 

Jane Eby Bowman 

Thomas B. Bowman 

Elwood R. Brubaker 

Carl Y. Ehrhart 

Thomas G.Fox, Jr. 

Mary Ann Cotroneo Grandinett 

Robert S. Grimm 

Henry F. Hoffman, Jr. 

Paul E. Horn 

Esther Wise Hovis 

W. Frederick Huber 

William H.Jenkins 

Harold H. Light 

John H. Lynch 

Gustav T. Maury 

John H. Ness, Jr. 

John G. Oliver 

John W. Rife 

John A. Schaeffer 

William Scherfel, Jr. 

Margaret Druck Sechrist 

D. S. Seiverling 

Ellen Reath Wert 

M. Dale Yocum 

Class of 1941 

Charles R. Beittel, Jr. 
Betty Rutherford Berrien 
Irene Seiders Bigler 
Janet Ehrhart Bishop 
Eloise Hollinger Blanck 
Jeanne L. Bliven 
Marian Reiff Craighead 
Conrad K. Curry 
M. Lucile Esbenshade 
E. N. Funkhouser H 
Samuel 0. Grimm, Jr. 
Luke Etwood Hains 
Mildred Rittle Keiser 
Eleanor G. King 
Louella Schindel Koenig 
Evelyn Ware Lynch 
Robert A. Nichols, III 
Alexander S. Rakow 
Robert H. Reiff 
Edna Rutherford Sheckart 
Frank L Shenk 
Ella Ruppersberger Silvers 
Harvey B. Snyder 
Ethel Fisher Steiner 
Paul W. Stouffer, Jr. 

Class of 1942 

Edith Abary 
Kathryn E. Brehm 
Elizabeth Sattazahn Davis 
George Gravell Dobbs 
Guy L. Dobbs 
Harry I. Drendall 
Marion Snavely Ellenberger 
Phoebe Geyer Etter 
Donald J. Glen 
Margaret Cox Gten 
David W. Gockley 
Russel J. Horst 
Viola Snell Maury 
Robert V. Mays 
June Hollinger Meek 
Marjorie Holly Miller 
Harold S. Peiffer 
Mabel Hess Pensinger 
Richard F. Seiverling 
Ralph S. Shay 
Carl R. Sherk 
Rosanna Brandt Siayton 
Alfred E. Stevens 
Samuel H. Stoner 
Sarah Hartman Sweger 
John F. Swope 
Christian G. Wornas 
George C. Ziegler 

Class of 1943 

John A. Bamberger 
Donald F. Bartley 
Adelaide Sanders Burgner 
Norma Grogan Cline 
Dorothy Brine Dillin 
Martha Crone Eppley 
Mary Forry Fulton 
William E. Gollam 
Martha Wilt Grimm 
John E. Hampton 
Marian Kreider Hampton 
Anne Bowman Heagy 
Katharine Sherk McLauglin 
Marilyn Trautman Meinsler 
John B. Mengel 
Stephen J. Metro 

1962 • 1971 

$45,419 | 
$40,692 I 

Yur 1962 1963 1964 

62,844 I 

1 1 


'entennial Fundi 


1968 1969 1970 1971 


Harry K. Miller, Jr. 
Albert H. Morrison 
Jane Klucker Mowrey 
Vera Shoop Musser 
Howard A. Neidig 
Robert K. Ness 
R. Howard Paine 
Jacob L Rhodes 
Gertrude Enders Richards 
Shirley Carl Rothenberg 
Helen Ross Russell 
Pauline Keller Rutt 
Verna Kreider Schenker 
Jane Smith Scherf el 
Jane Gruber Seiverling 
Genevieve Stansfield Shenk 
H. Dennis Sherk 
Earl A. Troup 
HansW. Uberseder 
Elizabeth Gruber Weidman 
Leroy B. Yeatts, Jr. 
Evelyn Stine Ziegler 

Class of 1944 

*Oorothy Landis Gray 
Betty V. Bartels 
Marian Kreider Bosien 
Norman M. Bouder, Jr. 
Delene Yocum Congello 
Sarah Muth Curry 
Emma Miller DeBowes 
Hazel Fornoff Oetambel 
Esther Wagner Ebright 
Francis G. Flurer 
Miriam Carper Frey 
Blossom Levitz Friedman 
E. Jean Light Hamilton 
Richard J. Hoerner 
Gerald 0. Kauffman 
Ruth Haverstock Ness 
Sterling S. Sanders 
Bruce C. Souders 
Elizabeth Hess Uberseder 
Martin R. Weber 
Elizabeth K. Weisburger 

Class of 1945 

Dale R. Beittel 
Alfred L Blessing 
Marion Ulmer Cams 
Mary Brown Fitz 
Betty Ehrengart Gassman 
Janice Stahl Geiling 
Jeanne Waller Hoerner 
Yvonne Raab 
E. Stephen Raby 
Elizabeth Gooden Rhodes 
Harry E. Sanders 
Sarah Sheetz Sanders 
John W. Schreiber 
Nancy Kreider Schreiber 
Etta Ayres Schreiner 
Patricia Bartels Souders 
Arthur W. Stambach 
Ruth Karre Wareham 
Sara Koury Zimmerman 

Class of 1946 

Richard L. Ax 
George W. Bickel 
Jean Gingrich Bomgardner 
Phyllis Snyder Boyer 
Etoise Parr Brown 
Helen Sattazahn Burr 
Viola Shettel Crites 
John S. Curry 
Catherine Deraco 
Leroy W. Dinger 
Betty Schaffer Grosky 
Jean Thrush Hawkins 
Nancy Sattazahn Hoff 
Eleanor Hershey Kauffman 
Gordon B. Kemp 
Mary Wieland Lutz 
Elizabeth Reiff Marino 
Harry Matala 
Catharine Yeager Miller 
Edith Kreiser Pro bus 
George P. Rutt 
Sarah E. Stauffer 
George B. Wagner 
Frances Workman Weiser 
Edith E. Yingst 

Class of 1947 

*G. Harold Bucher 
Mary Elizabeth Myers Aungst 
Barbara Kolb Beittel 
Elinor Strauss Boeshore 
Carl L. Derr 
Marvin H. Detambel 
Madalyn Quickel Drew 
Paul G. Fisher 
Sara Schott Fisher 
Joyce Schmidt Fox 
Russell L. Gingrich 
J. Steward Glen, Sr. H 
Nora M. Goodman 
Evelyn Stonecipher Gourlay 
Gerald J. Gruman 
Miles D. Harriger 
John G. Heagy, Jr. 
Harry J. P. Himmelberger 
Esther Engle Hivner 
Mildred Emrich Humphrey 
Earl R. Marks 
Charles R. Miller, Jr. 
Robert J. Miller 
George Linwood Moore 
Wayne L. Mowrey 
Henry W. Schmalzer 
Marlin D. Seiders 
Pearl Miller Siegel 
E. Peter Strickler 
Jean Myers Swanson 
Margaret Todd Trumbo 
Warren D. Trumbo 
Herman J. Weiser, Jr. 
Richard S. Zerbe 

Class of 1948 

•George R. Marquette 
Barbara Kilhoffer Baker 
Robert M. Bashore, Jr. 
Mildred Neff Beck 
Robert F. Beck 
Helen Long Bickel 
Doris Clements Biery 
Irene Withers Blair 
George K. Bomberger 
Mary Flinchbaugh Campanula 
John F. Cek 

John A. Detweiler 
Herbert E. Ditzler 
Robert F. Early, Sr. 
Nellie Walter Eaton 
Anna Ounkle Faber 
Daniel W. Fox 
Peter Camber, Jr. 
Anthony Gerace 
Ruth Billow Guida 
Theodore D. Keller 
Frederick Koons 
H. Ellis Kreider 
Michael Kurilla 
Grace E. Laverty 
Dorothy Strassburger Mark 
Elaine Heilman Marshall 
Bernardo Penturelli 
Betty Gingrich Rauch 
Sara Zellers Russell 
Samuel J. Rutherford 
Vincent A. Sherman 
Paul 0. Shettel, Jr. 
Earl J. Spangler 
Donald E. Weiman 
Robert B. Wingate 
Robert A. Zimmerman 

Class of 1949 

Rose Root Awkerman 
Robert E. Baker 
Ronald L. Baker 
Donald A. Behney, Jr. 
Russell J. Bixler, Jr. 
Arthur I. Bodden 
Dean Bohr 
John K. Carl 
Olive Reemsnyder Oerr 
Beatrice Meiser Euston 
Dwight C. Fake 
John A. Fidler 
Dennis L Funck 
Nancy Meyer Gingrich 
Charles K. Greenawalt 
Glenn L Hall 
Dorothy Smith Heisey 
Alvin S. Hildebrand 
Donald Hoffer 
Henry G. Hostetter 
Mary Budesheim Kinch 
Mary L Glover Kleinfelter 
Howard B. Kreider, Jr. 
Amos W. Long, Jr. 
Donald V. Malick 
John E. Marshall 
Robert P. McCoy 
Roger M. McKinley 
William Tryeon Moore 
Hazel Kinney Peiffer 
Martha Miller Penturelli 
Jane Reed Pope 
Frank Pulli, Jr. 
Richard G. Pye 
George A. Reinert 
Earl Rhine 
Joanna Norris Roe 
Laverne Rohrbaugh 
Ella Shultz Roman 
Paul H. Sadler 
Mary O'Donnell Sechrist 
Robert H. Sheetz 
Joseph D. Smith, Jr. 
Helen Nicoll Stein 
Russelt I. Steiner 
Mabel Studebaker H 
Martha Ross Swope 
Charles W. Tome 
Dorothy Zink Werst 
Patricia Sutton Wiedeke 
Irma Gainor Yeakel 
Ruth Harnish Zentmeyer 
Thomas M. Zimmerman 

Class of 1950 

•J.Ellis Wood 
Loy C. Awkerman 
Arthur J. Bacastow 
Milton W. Baker 
Richard W. Bailey 
Carl R. Baum 
Edwin W. Beaver 
John R. Beddall 
Jack L. Bitner 
Lewis W. Bowman 
Robert K. Bowman 
Harry L. Bricker, Jr. 
Nancy A. Bright 
Allen H. Brown 
Frederic W. Brown 
Thomas P. Brown 
Janet Eppley Bucher 
Norman B. Bucher 
Joseph Campanella 
Kathryn Noll Chernich 
James K. Davis 
Henry A. DiJohnson 
R. Francis Eigenbrode 
Ralph S. Espenshade 
Alex J. Fehr 
Robert H. Fisher 
Fred B. Fore 
Wallace W.Furman 
Geraldine Rothermel Getz 
Francis A. Heckman 
Doris Strickler Herr 
Rober W. Hess 
Frank W. Hockley 
M. Louise Jagnow Hockley 
Doris Klingensmith Hoepfer 
Charlotte Rohrbaugh Jones 
William 6. Jones 
Paul W. Kauffman 
Vivian Werner Keefer 
Harry E. Keller 
Doris Eckert Ketner 
Raymond A. Kline 
Robert M. Kline 
Anthony Kutchever 
Joseph W. Layser 
Miriam Fuller Lemon 
William K. Lemon, III 
Kenneth L. Lewis 

Richard H. Light 

Ellen Jepson Lukens 

Harold G. Madeira 

Alonzo L. Mantz 

Paul D. Mattern 

George P. Mayhoffer 

Esther C. McNeal 

Donald F. Miller 

Elliott V. Nagle 

William W. Nebb 

Albert J. Nepi 

Joseph D. Rojahn 

George Roman 

Robert S. Shaak 

Valentino V. Sica 

Herman Siegel 

Jack Snavely 

Annette Read Spangler 

Richard H. Spangler 

William D. Steely, Jr. 

Sidney Garberich Tome 

Nan E. Urich 

Robert N.J. Walters 

Dorothy Kline Welsh 

William Wertz 

JoAnn Ashway Wolfe 

Alfred G. Zangrilli 

Raymond S. Zimmerman, Jr. 

Class of 1951 

* David H. Andrews 
Robert L. Allen 
Louise Light Andrews 
Floyd M. Baturin 
John D. Boag 
Margaret Bowet Boag 
Herbert L. Booz 
William J. Boyd 
George D. Charles 
George A. DeLong 
Jeanne Stine DeLong 
Paul W. Diener 
Harold G. Engle, Jr. 
Guy J. Euston 
Robert R. Fisher 
Arlene Shuey Fisher 
James L. Fisher 
P. Jay Flocken 
Mary Brandt Fowler 
Jean E. Frantz 

Rowland E. Garvin 
Pierce A. Getz 
Miriam Keller Gottlieb 
Jack D. Gramm 
Carolyn Gassert Harris 

Richard V. Hawk 
Mary Sweigard Hayes 
Dorothea Lynn Heck 
John W. Heck 

Lois Shetler Herrick 

Edith McCartney Jones 

Barbara Metzger Kline 

Richard L. Kline 
Joan L. Klingler 
W. Richard Kohler, Jr. 

Elam S. Kurtz 
Andrew B. Lauder 

Walter Levinsky 

Edith Krokenberger Lewis 

Robert P. Longenecker 

Richard J. Lukasiewicz 

Norman G. Lukens 

Rufina Balmer Marquette 

Gerald D. Miller 

Robert K. Miller 

Charles J. Morinchin 

Dorothy Morgan Nye 

Margaret Halbert Osborne 

Ralph J. Quarry, Jr. 

Robert F. Rhein 

Edith Shanaman Rothenberger 

Richard J. Schiemer 

Gerald G. Shupp 

Joyce McAllister Simons 

Norma Weaver Snavely 

Raymond J. Swingholm 

Jean Edwards Tesnar 

Lee R. Thierwechter 

Martin W. A. Trostle 

Theodore Eugene Wagner 

William 0. Wert 

Glenn H. Woods 





Number of 






Baltimore Area 




Berks County 




Delaware Valley Area 




Derry Area 




Harrisburg Area 




Lancaster County 




Lebanon County 




Lehigh Valley Area 




Long Island Area 




Mason-Dixon Area 




National Capitol Area 




North New Jersey Area 




Schuylkill County 




Southwest Ohio Area 




Yankee Area 




York County 




All Other Areas 








Class of 1952 

Lois L. Adams 
Elaine Barron Auerbach 
Janet Weidenhammer Baker 
Anthony K. Bering 
Samuel H. Black 
Robert F. Cummings 
Virginia Wagner Curfman 
Robert M. Daugherty 
Ruth Sheaffer Daugherty 
Jay N. Dutweiler 
Daniel W. Fasnacht 
Gloria Stager Fisher 
M. Eugene Fisher 
Bernard E. Fogle 
E. Maxine Garvin Fritz 
Elma Breidenstine Frysinger 
Mary Funck Gingrich 
Elaine Fake Hackman 
Wilbert H. Hartman 
Philip W. Hayes 
Robert D. Hoffsommer, Jr. 
Nancy Ann Myers Inners 
Joanne Ricedorf Jacoby 
Sara Arbegast Keller 
Thomas F. Kirch of! 
Adele Begg Lauder 
D. Jeanne Bomgardner Long 
Joseph J. Lutz 
Jane Lutz McGary 
Richard W. Miller 
Lois White Norris 
Joseph Oxley 
James S. Pacy 
Frederick P. Sample 
Melvin Schiff 
Nancy Deimler Seiders 
David P. Snavely 
Ruth Marie Stambach 
Sterling F. Strause 
Robert F. Swanger 
John I.Sweigard 
Michael W. Szollose 
Edward F. Tesnar 
Evelyn Toser 
Julia Thatcher Witmer 
Diane Randolph Woodward 
Donald D. Zeiders 
Gloria Dressier Zeigler 

Class of 1953 

* David D. Neiswender 
Charles F. Blaich, Jr. 
Roberta R. Bowman 
Robert Clay 
George D. Curfman 
Ruth Evans Dalbeck 
Miriam Light Dengler 
Glenn M. Dietrich 
Warren L. Early 
Lloyd Orville Evans 
Joseph A. Ferrer 
Martin L. Gluntz 
John I.Grosnick 
Robert A. Gustin 
Jane McMurtrie Hart 
Allen H. Heim 
Melvin E. Hostetter 
Winslow Johnson 
William L. Jones 
John E. Kauffman, III 
John George Keiser 
Kenneth R. Keiser 
Melvin A. Kohudic 
Allen J. Koppenhaver 
Edgar D. Landis 
Walter S. Leff ler 
Daniel W. McGary 
Albert E. Moser, Sr. 
June Finkelstein Mosse 
Ezra H. Ranck H 
Harold A. Rothenberger 
Paul A. Shields 
Mary Kurtz Sweigard 
Jean Stable Vanderslice 
John A. Walter 
Merle L. Wise 
Nancy Cramer Zimmerman 

Class of 1956 

Dies 011954 

Joanna Bachman Betson 

Robert H. Boyd 

George J. Cardone 

J. B. Celeste 

Wiley E. Daniels 

Kenneth C. Donmoyer 

Betty Criswell Duke 

Thomas H. Duke 

Richard G. Dunwoody 

Patricia Satterhwaite Edge 

J, Ailer Felty 

Herbert Fields 

Donald S. Fleming 

Jarrice Walker Fleming 

Walter H. Fry, Jr. 

Donald J. Gingrich 

Louis Gittleman 

Calvin 8. Haverstock, Jr. 

Doris Cortright Heck 

Robert G. Hower 

Geraldlne Nichols Koppenhaver 

Barbara A. Kreiser 

Robert L. Krieg 

Richard C. Musselman 

Leah Thorpe Page 

Joan R ingle Policastro 

Frank R. Ritrievi 

Bail Ecgar Ritrievi 

Harold Y. Sandy 

Marian Rishel Saylor 

Carol Johnstone Smith 

Lee C. Smith 

Nancy Risdon Smith 

Chester E. Snedeker 

Joyce Shettel Snyder 

Louis A. Sorrentino 

Rosalia Hollinger Sorrentino 

Agnes M. Souders 

in !. Ulrich Spangler 

Richard G. Styring 

Barbara Ranck Taylor 

Robert J. Wagner 

Betty Swisher Wolfgang 

Sam lib A. Yeagley, Jr. 

Chartes E. Yingst 

Cits of 1955 

Dean R. Artz 
Rohan H. Ayers, Jr. 
Nancy Daugherty Baggett 
Arthur J. Dukes 
Roger L. Dundore 
D.John Grace, Jr. 
Joyce Dissinger Herr 
Joyce Hill Madden 
Peter HI. McCoy 
Claude J. Miller 
J. Stanley Mull, Jr. 
Joan Wingert Mull 
Clair W.Noll 
Marian Hess Peppel 
George Radanevic 
Alice Bomberger Savastio 
Frederick L. Shaak 
Sally Whitmoyer Shaak 
Adora Rabinger Sholley 
Noel Z.Stahle 
Gerald J. Stutzman 
Edith Wemtz Taylor 
Clarence D. Ulrich 
Florence Risser Umberger 
Mary Young Wagner 
David P. Willoughby 
Thomas G. Wolfgang 
Ralph E. Yingst 
DeWittP. Zuse.Jr. 

Gene R. Adams 
John B. Allwein 
Doris Brandt Ayers 
Dean A. Becker 
Edward J. Billingham, Jr. 
Charles E. Boughter 
Dorothy Grabau Boyd 
Barbara Neatock Cherry 
Henry T. Chudzikiewicz 
Doris A. Cook 
Shirley Walker Dietrich 
Jacquelyn Fetterhoff Douglass 
David J. Farling 
Nancy Kirby Fisher 
Garland Lamar Foreman 
Herbert M. Forrest 
Eugene R. Geesey 
Ruth Keppler Gollam 
Martin J. Grochowski 
Lawrence E. Jones 
Clair L. Kelly, II 
Gloria Ritter Kelly 
Joan Eckenroad Kirk 
Shirley Warfel Knade 
June E. Markley 
Cynthia Patton Poet 
Benedict C. Salamandra 
Diane Kohr Sheaffer 
Dale L. Shellenberger 
Lynn M. Sparks 
H. Rodney Stoner 
Mildred Osinski Teitelman 
Curtis C. Troutman 
Donald H. Umberger 
Shirley Heizmann Wunsch 
Elin Blouch Yeagley 
Nancy Adams Yingst 
Richard C. Yoder 
Charles L. Zettlemoyer 

Class of 1957 

•William E. Shadier 
Janease Howard Artz 
Theodore L. Blumenthal 
Donald S. Burkhart 
Hazel A. Davis 
Cameron G. Drum 
John R. Eby 
John K. Feaser 
Paul F. Fulk 
Murray B. Grosky 
Luke K. Grubb 
Robert W. Handley 
Emma E. Herr 
Louise Roberts Hrizuk 
Georgianne Funk Jones 
Thomas F. Kershner, III 
William Kiick 
Homer L. Kreider H 
Jerry E. Lego 
Willard L. Light 
C. Linden Mcllvaine, Jr. 
Geraldine Sheaffer Mosemann 
Ronald J. Mosemann 
Jeanne Winter Noll 
Joanne Young Opalenick 
Joanne Grove Pieringer 
Ronald A. Pieringer 
Ross S. Plasterer 
Polly Risser Reinhart 
Loretta Hostetter Risser 
Jane Hoffman Roush 
Lanta A. Sholley 
Henry W. Shuey, Jr. 
Thomas E. Silliman 
Robert E. Snyder 
Richard G. Stone 
Glenn A. Thomas 
Thomas V. Uhrich 
Patricia Lutz Walter 
Marian Marcus Warden 
Thomas W. Weible, Jr. 
Larry L. Ziegler 

Class of 1958 

•Robert F. Doster 
Carol E. Anderson 
Barry B. Barnhart 
Charles T. Brightbill 
Marlene M. Brill 
Virginia Smedley Burkhart 
Joan Heindel Colliflower 
Marshall D. Cook 
David W. Cotton 
Anthony B. Devitz 
Paul F. Dipangrazio 
Carroll E. Ditzler 
Barbara Geltz Doster 
Henry G. Douglass 
Lois Strickler Dwight 
Bernice Klink Eby 
Gary D. Eisenberger 
Janice Demko Epler 
L. Dean Fromm 
Darwin G. Glick 
Elizabeth Spetcher Glick 
Marie Meyer Goeke 
Mildred Stineman Gundel 
Robie Lauman Hall 
Ronald B. Hartranft 
Grant F. Heck, II 
Warren R. Heidelbaugh 
John H. Hoffman 
Barbara G. Johnson 
Dorothy Jones Keffer 
Aubrey H. Kershner 
C. Robert Landis 
Kathryn Hoerner Lanz 
Darlene Steiner Lebo 
John R. Lebo 
Sally Miller Long 
Peter P. McEvoy, Jr. 
Beverly Weaver Mcllvaine 
Lester L. Miller, Jr. 
James A. Mitchell, Jr. 
Robert C. Monroe 
Joseph Nassaur 
Roberta Mc Bride Peightel 
John F. Ray 
Ruth Reddinger 
Thomas C. Reinhart 
David H. Schell 
Susan Zimmerman Seely 
Dale L. Sheaffer 
Sandra Weit Shipman 
Richard H. Smith, II 
Joseph K. Snare 
Joe L. Stauffer 
Beverly A. Walp 
Audrey Macinnes Ward 
Ronald B. Weinel 
Dorothy Kamm Whitman 
Gerald S. Wingenroth 
Mary Ellen Risser Ziegler 

Class of 1959 

*Linda Heefner Heindel 
Mary Beaver Aharrah 
Neil Aharrah 
David W. Anspach 
Wayde V. Atwell 
John Avoletta 
Flora Rhen Blumenthal 
Russell J. Boeshore 
Edna Jenkins Carmean 
John W. Colangelo 
Leroy E. Copenhaver 
Shirley Bair Crumlich 
William F. DeLiberty 
Susan Hartz Donches 
Sara Cook Downs 
Harvey W. Ebright 
Edward R. Fancovic 
Arthur L. Ford, Jr. 

Joanne Grubb Gain 
Robert H. Gingrich 
Frank J. Giovinazzo 
James K. Graby 
Janice Weaber Graby 
Estelle Berger Hartranft 
Ned D. Heindel 
Linda Shirey Hellick 
John B. Hoffman 
Sheldon K. Hoover 
Eugene R. Hostetter 
Wayne G. Hummer, Jr. 
Shirley A. Jacobs 
Sterling R. Krumbine 
Thomas F. Kunkle 
Gene R. Layser 
Marilyn Kreider Layser 
David M. Long 
Mary Koth Lutton 
Rose R. McNelis 
David R. Meder 
Carolyn Schairer Moyer 
Karl E. Moyer 
Walter H. Muller, Jr. 
Kenneth R. Orwig 
Donald I. Peiffer 
Samuel G. Poet, Jr. 
Bruce R. Rismiller 
Richard M. Savidge 
Peggy Barbour Straughen 
Louise Gay Swain 
Ethel Klopp Thomasco 
Catherine Hellick VanNess 
Marion Brooks Vespe 
Raymond F. Weiss 
Arlene Kierstead Wenner 
Doris E. White 
Johanna Hansen Wilson 
Ethel Fake Wolf 

Class of 1960 

Ernest H. Barlow, Jr. 
Eleanor Black Boyer 
Phillip D. Bronson 
Fay B. Burras 
Barbara Burns Carpenter 
James W. Carpenter 
Richard L. Cassel 
Ronald M. Daugherty 
Joseph B. Dietz 
Ronald L. Dietz 
Mark R. Dubbs 
Russell H. Etter 
Philip H. Feather 
Marsha Chaitt Grosky 
Patricia E. Hagerty 
Audrey Rice Hamm 
Robert G. Halacker 
Richard H. Harper 
Delores Herner Hartman 
Ronald P. Hovis 
Allison B. Kohler 
Glenwood H. Krill 
Kenneth A. Longenecker 
Sydney P. Magriney 
C. Thomas Mau 
Eileen Stamm Mau 
Joseph B. May 
J. Lee McCauley 
John W. Metka 
Richard S. Miller 
Robert C. Musser 
Marjorie Cook Orwig 
Clair L. Paul 
Margaret Garber Philp 
John H. Phillips 
Charles R. Piersol 
Fred A. Poorman 
William B. Ramey, Jr. 
Robert C. Rowe 
Susanne Long Schaffer 

David W. Schmuck 
Sally Lynch Seavey 
Glenn R. Stevens 
John J. Stouffer 
Constance Chambers Trestle 
L. Nelson Umble 
Fredrtc Vespe 
Jay 0. Wargny 
David L. Weiser 
Martha Rudnicki Williams 
Larry L. Wood 
Donald E. Zechman 

Class of 1961 

Leroy M. Badgley 
Ira A. Bechtel, Jr. 
John B. Bowman 
Glenn W. Coates, Jr. 
Joan B. DeConna 
M. Nancy Ovates DeLiberty 
Shirley Landis Dietz 
Richard D. Eiceman 
Richard M. Garwood 
Larry Q. Hall 
John P. Hamm 
Kenneth C. Hays 
Sterling E. Hoffman, Jr. 
Amos G. Hollinger 
Melvin J. Horst 
Rena M. Lawrence 
George K. Meyer 
David R. Miller 
Lois Brong Miller 
Marjorie Peters Miller 
Nolan E. Miller 
Winifred H. Neal 
Annetta Darkes Netdig 
H. William Nixon 
Kathleen J. Patterson 
Patricia Haar Paul 
Lynn Raver 

Dawn Bongart Reinhart 
William F. Renzulli 
Jeannine Mentzer Rogowicz 
Albert P. Silldorff 
George W. Smith 
Karl Smith 
Walter L. Smith, Jr. 
Dianne Arthur Snook 
Barbara Storaker Stehlik 
Carol Bronson Steiner 
Robert J. Urban 
Dean G. Wetzel 
Keith B. Wise 
Patricia Petrullo Wise 

Class of 1962 

•George J. Hiltner, III 
Joan Gluyas Badgley 
Karl W. Bordner 
Arthur F. Bowman 
Constance Myers Brown 
Emily Bowman Brown 
Michael M. Brown 
Gloria Fitzkee Carter 
David L. Czirr 
Marylin Shaver Davis 
Terry A. DeWald 
Georgiana Kunzler Doner 
isobel Miller Dottle 
Anita Pingel Durdan 
Elmer W. Faber 
Judith Kline Feather 
Dean A. Flinchbaugh 
Jeanne Vowier Fry 
Bonnie Williams Garwood 
Beverly Sprenkle Giovinazzo 
Myrna R. Greenawalt 
Francis D. Grove 

Kathy Bowman Horst 
Doyle W. Ivey, Jr. 
Kay Hoffer Kemper 
Richard E. Klinedinst 
Suzanne Grace Klinedinst 
Mary Bollman Kreider 
June Lawrence 
Harry M. Lehn 
Barry W. Light 
Jon E. Marshall 
Elaine Wert Pierce 
Carl B. Rife 
Linda Weber Rowe 
Patsy Wise Rudy 
Charles R. Seidel 
Philip B. Siatcher 
G. Eugene Stambach 
Sandra Stetler Stouffer 
Grace Evelyn Taylor 
William J. Walker 
Sylvia Bucher Weaver 
Marilyn Rinker Witmer 
Carol Smith Yost 
Harry B. Yost 

Class of 1963 

"Gregory G. Stanson 
Robert J. Andreozzi 
G. Thomas Balsbaugh 
Barry V. Bishop 
Gerald L. Bowman 
James L. Boyle, Jr. 
James Brommer 
Shirley A. Brown 
Norma Berry Cooper 
Lee E. Copeland 
Margaret Blomquist Copeland 
R. Frederick Crider, Jr. 
Stanley M. Daniels 
James W. Davis 
John P. Detweiler 
William A. Dissinger 
J. Ronald Earhart 
Gerald H. Edris 
Richard G. Felty 
Larry L. Godshall 
Winifred Barnhart Harvie 
Merrill A. Hassinger 
Patty Boyer Hinkle 
Barbara Horst 
Blanche Hawkins Knapp 
Thomas J. Knapp 
Margaret Weinert Kramer 
David B. Kruger 
Bruce M. Lidston 
Mary Sue Kelly McMorris 
Leann Grebe Miller 
Susan Smith Miller 
Byron N. Mock 
Suzanne Krauss Moyer 
Dorothy Mease Myers 
Dennis C. Phillippy 
David W. Pierce 
Judith Nichols Renzulli 
Barbara Smith Rhine 
June Stringer Rietdorf 
Judith Snowberger Rife 
Nedra Rine Schmuck 
Sara Lane Seidel 
David J. Shenk 
William A. Sherman 
N. Patricia Shonk 
Robert R. Shope 
Brenda Erdman Smith 
Gary K. Spengler 
Janet Taylor Spengler 
Vance R. Stouffer, Jr. 
Ford S. Thompson, Jr. 
Nancy Dutro Thompson 
Donald E. VanKirk 
George M. Weaver, Jr. 
Brenda Lidle Wert 
Mark H. Wert 
Lawrence W. Wittle 
John A. Wolfe, Jr. 
Phyllis Morrow Wolfe 
Betsy McElwee Zehner 

Class of 1964 

Elizabeth G. Atticks 
Patricia Jones Balsbaugh 
Richard L. Bashore 
Ronald J. Beistline 
Henry A. Bessel 
Janet E. Bisbing 
Russell P. Bonsai 
Helen Haskell Bosart 
Elizabeth Vastine Bowman 
Joseph M. Clark 
Priscilla Scharadin DeBerry 
M. Jay Earley, Jr. 
Sandra Beltz Edmunds 
Frank W. Eiler 
John W. Etter 
Judith Aungst Freeman 
Linda M. Gatchel 
Linda Myers Gruber 
Ronald L. Hafer 
Susan Wolfe Hassinger 
Judith Baker Higgins 
William R. Higgins 
Richard B. Hiler 
William H. Hinkle 
David P. Hively 
Barbara A. Hodkinson 
W. Marlin Houck 
Jeanne Gross! Howard 
Hannah Pisle Kaufmann 
Harry D. Kehler 
Linda Boeshore Kercher 
Sally Lawrence 
Kenward Lee 
Michael W. Lenker 
Julie A. Lied 
John Lubans, Jr. 
Wesley J. MacMillan 
Carole Lasky Marburger 
Charles H. Martin 
John F. Matsko, Jr. 
Lewis L. Maurer 
Curtis R. Miller 
Elizabeth C. Miller 
Larry H. Miller 
William L. Newcomer 
John F. Onofrey 
Thomas L. Overly 
Rita Blauvelt Patterson 
Robert F. Rhine 
Loretta Schlegel Rittle 
Helen Shumaker Schmick 
Sandra Diener Shope 
Tibor Sipos 
Charlotte Knarr Stare 
Dayle H. Stare 
Carol Klock Taylor 
Jay H. Uhler 
Judith Garvan Uhler 
Kenneth S. Whisler, Jr. 
Nancy Bintliff Whisler 
Linda Bell Wittle 
Sandra Gerhart Wolf 
JoAnne Dubbs Wolfe 
Jon A. Yost 
James H. Zimmerman 

Class of 1965 

*George J. Hollich, Jr. 
H. William Alsted 
Walter E. Blouch 
William E. Checket 
A. Charlene Chubb 
G. Stuart Close 
Thomas B. Crisman 
Sallie Slocum Davis 
Judith Bowman Downs 
Lee A. Edwards 
W. Bruce English 
Carolyn Leitner Enterline 
Paul D. Enterline 
Eston E. Evans 

Joy Klinger Felty 

Wayne L. Felty 

Nancy Dice Fennel 

Kay F. Fontenoy 

Patricia S. Fredericks 

William C. Gingrich 

Dale B. Gouger 

Dale B. Hains 

Terrance R. Herr 

Suzanne Hollingsworth Hetrick 

Gayl Overgaard Hickox 

Carol Duncan Horn 

Howard D. Jones 

Marlene S. Jones 

Hermann W. Kaebnick H 

Donald R. Kaufmann 

James K. Klinedinst 

William N. Koch 

Andrew W. Kreider 

Richard L. Krill 

Patrick Lapioli 

Robert C. Lau 

Kenneth L. Laudermilch 

Malcolm Lazin 

Carolyn Conly Lidston 

Richard L. London 

William E. Luce 

Robert J. Ludwig 

Carol Carpenter Maurer 

Daniel Drefice McCallus 

Audrey Frye Metro 

Carl E. Miller 

Barbara Benner Newcomer 

Edward L. Nickoloff 

Robert H. Rittle 

Stephen H. Roberts 

Betsy Lorenz Ruth 

Edward B. Ruth, Jr. 

Joseph D. Rutter 

Mary VanHorn Rutter 

David E. Sausser 

Linda Stoudt Schaeffer 

Norma Woolston Shearer 

Audrey Wahler Smith 

Lois Shroyer Smith 

Mildred Zimmerman Smith 

Harry W. Smoker, Jr. 

Marena Colgan Stambach 

Peter A. Stanilla, Jr. 

David G. Thompson 

John E. Thompson 

Virginia Jenkins Walker 

Theodore 0. Weaver 

Runette E. White 

Harrison D. Woodruff, Jr. 

Louise Royahn Woodruff 

A. Barry Yocum 

Karen Lutz Simmerman 

Robert R. Zweitzig 

Class of 1966 

* Rodney H. Shearer 
Michael T. Alleman 
Ammon N. Balaster 
Linda C. Brunner 
Ralph H. Buys 
Joseph J. Chuchla 
Martha Wicks Donaldson 
Mary Margaret Dowling 
Margaret Fehrs Evans 
Douglas A. Everett 
Carol Mickey Fleisher 
Helen Brenner Greene 
John M. Hansell 
Joan Higgins Hays 
Sarah A. Heinzelman 
Inda Jean Hartz Heisey 
Sharon Stetler Herr 
Richard C. Hoffman 
Carol Frey Hollich 
Robert E. Horn 
Robert L. Huffman 
J. Duncan Kreibel 

Mervin K. Lentz 
Mary Jane Earley Mackes 
Elspeth Lowrie MacMillan 
Gail Vissers McFadden 
Jean Shaw McHale 
Kathleen Tyson McKemy 
Allan W. Mund H 
Wayne Orndorff 
Richard C. Reed 
Bonnie Hood Sausser 
Andrew L. Silberman 
Susan Sheckert Stanson 
Susan Schleisinger Stephens 
David E. Stum 
Lucretia Alexander Tate 
Carol Woolley Testa 
Elaine Kreller Tomlinson 
John C. Vaszily 
Charles E. Weigel, Jr. 
James W. Weis 
Ruth Ann Hively Wert 
Jean E. Hoffman Witter 
Richard J. Wolfe 
Frank F. Yeager, Jr. 

Class of 1967 

David L. Bachtell 
Barbara A. Beltz 
Kenneth S. Berry 
Richard W. Buek, Jr. 
George C. Clauser 
Philip M. Cormany 
Patricia Thorton Dellinger 
Alan S. Donaldson 
John E. Dougherty, III 
Charles Lawrence Doyle 
Joan Carissimi English 
Robert W. Goodling 
Carol Burian Gouger 
Mary Ann Haddaday 
Wendy Ptacek Harper 
Clarence E. Hoener, Jr. 
Rachel Gibble Irvin 
Sue Ann Horton Kinsey 
Donna Diehl Kuntz 
Robert J. Martalus 
Donna Simmers Mertz 
Sarah Walters Moffitt 
Ronald D. Newmaster 
Larry J. Painter 
Phyllis A. Pickard 
Lois E. Ouickel 
Luise Wubbena Reading 
Roberta Gable Reed 
JoAnne Dill Schubert 
Jack S. Schwalm 
Patricia E. Shaw 
Cheryl J. Speer 
Carol A. St owe 
Bonita Young Stum 
Elain Brenner Thompson 
Gale M. Thompson 
Paula Ward Trayer 
Ronald T. Trayer 
Diane Aldinger Vaszily 
Gretchen Long Woods 
Marilyn Gulley Yarger 
Carol Clay Yocum 

Class of 1968 

'Barbara Ankrum Wagner 
Paula Snyder Aboyoun 
Victor A. Angell, Jr. 
David A. Benson 
Margaret A. Black 
Susan Haldeman Brabits 
William D. Bryson H 
Jean Kissinger Buffington 

Harry M. Capper 

Charles J. Dehart, III 

Patricia Reigle Demetrician 

Carol Edgecomb Ditzler 

Warren D. Ditzler 

Janet M. Else 

Carol E. Eshelman 

David A. Fetters 

Paul B. Foutz 

Rae Shermeyer Foutz 

Lynn Garrett 

M. Gwendolyn Gilroy 

Dianne Bott Haight 

Donald A. Haight 

Doris Baker Hansell 

Sonja Hawbaker 

John H. Heffner 

Mary Garman Heverling 

Janet L Hill 

Carolyn Driebelbis Hollenbach 

Robert A. Laughhead 

Constance Witter Leitner 

Kermit R. Leitner 

John R. McFadden 

Dean E. Miller 

H. Jean Nelson 

Marjorie Miller Nelson 

James R. Newcomer, Jr. 

Janet Merlo Painter 

Vivian L. Paumer 

John C. Penney, Jr. 

Paul F. Pickard 

Raymond J. Reidenbach, Jr. 

Ruth Long Rice 

Phyllis Sternfeld Rich 

Janet Gessner Roberts 

Stuart Schoenly 

Carol Paist Schwalm 

Charles S. Sharnetzka 

Christine Banes Simington 

Richard N. Simington 

Susan K. Swartz 

Joan R. Taylor 

John R. Yerger 

Class of 1969 

•Deborah Rhawn Cormany 
♦Dale C. Schimpf 

LesErik B. Achey 

Kerry W. Althouse 


Jeanne L. Anspach 

Virginia Hunsicker Bachtell 

Alan J. Balma 

Mitzi Sans Balma 

Barry L. Bender 

Agneta Saylor Bjornberg 

Doris C. Bryden 

J. Dean Burkholder 

Ronald L. Bush 

Thomas M. Clemens 

James F. Davis 

Mary Lentz Davis 

Elaine Dorcsis Dehart 

James H. Ditzler 

Linn D. Eisenhower 

Charles G. Erff 

Mary LaBella Fox 

Robert S. Fox 

Dennis L. Frantz 

Duinetta Garbrick 

Marsha J. Gehris 

Gene McClelland Goodling 

Rhoda L. Graybill 

Ronald W. Heck 

Nancy L. Hendrickson 

James R. Hoffman 

David A. Hoffner 

Mary Ann Horn 

Michael R. Jones 

Robert R. Kaneda 

Richard W. Kaufmann 

Edwin C. Kisiel, Jr. 

Leslie Cassat Kline 

Janice E. Kreiser 

Frances N. Kulp 
Ronald L. Long 
Lars J. L i/egren 
Sandra Kay Ludwig 
John D. Mattery, Jr. 
Carl L. Marshall 
Cynthii Sue Melman 
William H. Miller 
Gregory K. Ossman 
Dermis t. Patrick 
Patricia Ann Pingel 
Ronald E, Poorman 
Sherrie Ptacek 
Frank L. Rice 
Linda S- Rothermel 
Joan M. Schmehl 
Barry E. Schmid 
Karen Bowman Schwalm 
Charles M. Schworer 
Shirley Oeaven Shaffer 
William D. Sharrow 
Franklin H. Shearer 
Lucille Koch Shearer 
Allan E. Shenk 
Shirley Warner Sherman 
Cheryl McCrary Shipman 
Kenneth L Sipe 
Margaret Hamilton Sipe 
Ronald J. Smith 
Dennis R. Snovel 
Jeffrey L. Spangler 
George A Stauffer, Jr. 
William F. Stine, III 
Nina E. Tafel 
Larry R Taylor 
Helen E. Templin 
Rae L, Thompson 
Harold J. Todd 
Robert L. Unger 
Linda. Seniman Weeks 
Carlin L. Wenger 
Barbara C- White 
Jan H. Wubbena 
Ronald G. Yarger 
Joseph T. Yost 
Ronald J. Zygmunt 

Glass of 1970 

'Lawrence F. Riedman 
John W. Barkow 
James V. Bowman 
Barry W. Burdick 
Jerry L, Burns 
Michael R. Burns 
Donald C. Carter 
Marsha Ann Church 
David C. Clemens 
Vktor K, Coble 
John J. Corson 
Morris S. Cupp 
Vesta Boger Fisher 
Robert L Frey, Jr. 
William J Furber, Jr. 
George S. Glen 
Barry T. Henry 
Kathleen J. Hickereon 
Carol Ann Hoeflich 
Gramas E. Hoopert H 
Thomas G» Hostetter 
Judith Keins Hunter 
William E. Kline 
Carol Brienzo Knull 
Janice Shuster MacLauchlin 
James W. Meade, III 
Barbara J. Miller 
Mary Horn Nelson 
Joyce McMinis Penney 
Carol Reisinger Peters 
Catherine Merkel Phelps 
Glenn A, Phelps 
P. Michael Reidy 

Joel S. Riedel 
Henry D. Schreiber 
Eugene K. Shaffer 
Sandra George Sharnetzka 
Susan J. Shedenheim 
Eric H. Shipley 
Stanley A. Steiner 
Eileen Houck Stine 
Nancy Ann Swenson 
Gregory M. Thomas 
Bruce T. Welsh 
Thomas E. Whittle 
Jo Anne Yeagley 

Class of 1971 

Lawrence A. Boschen 
Class of 1971 
Abraham I. Katsh H 
Beth R. Millington 


Mr. Clifford Alleman 

American Association of University Women 

Mrs. C. M. Ankerbrand 

Dr. Vivia B. Appleton 

Mr. Clarence Arnold 

Mr. Gable L Arnold 

Dr. George H. Arnold 

Mr. David P. Bailey, Jr. 

The Rev. Owen Barrett 

Mrs. Jefferson C. Barnhart 

Mrs. Lillian B. Bassler 

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Baum 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Behney 

Mrs. James 0. Bemesderfer, Sr. 

Miss Elsie Bickel 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Billings 

Dr. Dorsey B. Blecher 

Mr. James E. Bob 

Mr. Charles S. Boeshore 

Mrs. John D. Boger 

Mrs. 0. P. Bollinger 

Dr. Fred G. Bollman 

Mrs. E. G. Vanden Bosche 

Mr. John J. Botts 

Mr. George J. Bowman 

Mrs. James V. Bowman 

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Bowman 

The Rev. Walter S. Boyer 

The Rev. B. Burns Brodhead 

Mr. Max Brown 

Mr. John G. Brubaker 

Dr. Richard L. Bryson 

Mrs. William D. Bryson 

Mrs. Raymond R. Burns 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Burrichter 

Dr. and Mrs. Voorhis C. Cantrell 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Carter 

The Rev. W. Edgar Gathers, Jr. 

Central Pennsylvania Conference 

Mrs. Anna L. Coble 

E. W. Coble Estate 

The Rev. Ronald E. Cocroft 

Mrs. Nancele A. Codings 

Colonial Park United Methodist Church 

Mr. and Mrs. John Consler 

Captain and Mrs. Charles T. Cooper 

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Marvin Cummins 

Mrs. George D. Curfman 

Mrs. Mary DeWolfe Daly 

Mrs. Charles G. Danner 

Mrs. Simpson B. Daugherty 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Davidon 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Davis 

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Day 

Mrs. Woodrow S. Dellinger 

Mr. Paul A. DeLong, Jr. 

Mr. Ray Dentler 

Mrs. Sarah E. Dettra 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur DeWitt 

Mr. Ronald A. DeWitt 

Miss Trava Dise 

District Maintenance Fund 

Dr. M. W. Raymond Dixon 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Doolan 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Dougherty 

Mr. James Douglas 

Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Durand 

Mrs. Anna E. Duvall 

Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Eaton 

Dr. and Mrs. Cloyd H. Ebersole 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Egli 

Mrs. Carl Y. Ehrhart 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Ehrhart 

Mr. Lawrence A. Eiben 

The Rev. Theodore E. Elser 

Mrs. Ruth F. Ensminger 

The Rev. Wesley G. Epler 

Mr. Norman S. Fisher 

Mr. Edward Folmer 

Mrs. Arthur L. Ford, Jr. 

The Rev. Ira C. Fortna 

Mr. and Mrs. Merl Freeland 

Mr. Harry Frey, Sr. 

Fulton Avenue United Methodist Church 

Mr. and Ma C. H. Gable 

Mr. and Mrs. D. Roger Gaeckler 

Mrs. Kenneth Galbraith 

Mr. Richard L. Gamber 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Garman 

Dr. J. Lewis Gehr 

Mr. M. G. Geiman 

Mrs. Fierce A. Getz 

Mrs. P. B. Gibble 

Mr. and Mrs. LaVerd C. Gingrich 

Rabbi Steven M. Glazer 

Mrs. Mary J. Good 

Mr. Earl E. Goodman 

Dr. and Mrs. Giuliano Gorelli 

Mr. Paul A. Goss 

Mr. Phares L Graby 

Grace United Methodist Church 

Mr. Joseph J. Green 

Mr. Edwin E. Greider, Sr. 

Mr. Jay R. A. Greider, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Griswold 

Ma Charles H. Grossman 

Mr. Herbert Grove 

Mr. Peter T. Guidon 

Ma Thomas W. Guinivan 

Genuardi Supermarkets, Inc. 

Dr. George T. Harrell, Jr. 

Mr. and Ma John R. Harper 

Mr. and Ma Robert C. Hartman 

Miss Pat Hartranft 

Ma Calvin B. Haverstock, Jr. 

The Rev. Raymond S. Heberling 

Mr. Ralph B. Hedrick 

Mr. C. R. Heidlebaugh 

The Rev. Charles W. Hendrickson 

The Rev. F. Lamont Henninger 

Mr. Eugene B. Herr 

Mr. Harold W. Hershey 

Mr. and Ma Jamas W. Hickson 

Ma Carl W. Hiser 

The Rev. J. Faust Hissong 

Mr. and Ma Donald J. Hoaster 

Mr. Edward P. Hotter 

Mr. Edgar E. Hoffman 

Ma Frank Hoffman 

Dr. Richard R. Hoffman 

Ma Charles H. Horn 

Ma Paul E. Horn 

Mr. R. D. Hospers 

Ma Mark J. Hostetter 

Miss Martha M. Hostetter 

Mr. and Ma Russell R. Hostetter 

Mr. end Ma William E. Hough, III 

Ma Mary R. Houseworth 

Chaplain George B. Hummer 

Mr. Harry P. Hurd, Jr. 

Miss Louise S. Jersey 

The Rev. Everett W. Jones 

Mr. and Ma Richard A. Joyce 

Ma Gerald D. Kauffman 

Ma W. I. Kauffman 

Mr. Henry F. Keener 

Dr. James M. Keiter 

Mr. David W. Keller 

Mr. and Ma William Kerr 

Ma Verna L. Kiehl 

Mr. F. Donald Kiner 

Mr. John F. Kirby, Jr. 

Mr. K. Robert Kline 

Mr. J. Harold Klopp 

Dr. John R. Knecht 

Mr. and Ma Roger M. Knisley 

Ma Winifred Koenigsberg 

Mr. and Ma William T. Kohlhass 

Dr. and Ma Clair L. Kreidler 

Mr. Paul H. Kresge 

Dr. and Ma Harold A. Krohn 

Mr. Herman Krupa 

Ma Paul E. Kuhl, II 

Mr. E. K. Land is 

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Landis, Jr. 

Dr. Samuel Lape 

Ma Robert C. Lau 

Mr. A. M. LaVanture 

Ma James H. Leathern 

Lebanon County Chapter American Institute 

of Banking 
Lebanon Valley College Auxiliary 
Mr. and Ma Herbert Levy 
Mr. and Ma Robert S. Lewis 
Ma J. C. H. Light 
The Rev. and Ma William J. Lipped 
Dr. and Ma Karl L. Lockwood 
Or. John F. Loehle 
Dr. Evelyn C. Luke 
Mr. and Ma Parke H. Lutz 
Ma Robert W. Lutz 
Ma Clyde A. Lynch 
Dr. and Ma Mark L. Lyndrup 
Mr. and Ma Pierre Malm 
Manada Hill United Methodist Church 
Mr. and Ma Caleb M. Mann 
Ma Frances W. Margut 
Mr. Joseph Mark 
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Mather 
Ma Thomas S. May 
Dr. and Ma Joerg W. P. Mayer 
Ma Paul S. Mayer 
Ma George P. Meyhoffer 
Mr. and Ma William D. McHenry 
Mr. Lester A. McKee 
**Ma Eva R. McKelvey 
Ma Blanche McVeigh 
Mr. and Ma John Meagher 
Ma Warren F. Mentzer 
Ma Bertha Merritt 
Mr. William Meushaw 
Dr. and Ma Earl R. Mezoff 
Mr. and Ma Martin G. Michlik 

Ma Margaret Millard 
Mr. Gurney R. Miller 
Mr. and Ma E. Powers Mincher 
The Rev. W. P. Mohr, Jr. 
Mr. and Ma James R. Monteith, Jr. 
The Rev. Maurice F. Montgomery 
Mr. John Mowery 
Ma Allan W. Mund 
Miss Margaret E. Murray 
The Rev. James 0. Wenninger 
Mr. Harry Newcomer 
The State Museum of New Jersey 
Mr. and Ma Mark A. Newsom 
Ma Pearl Nipple 
The Rev. David Y. Norm 
Ma Raymond M. Dberholtzer 
Mr. Robert D. O'Hara 
Dtterbein United Methodist Church 
Mr. W. Purnell Payne 

Ma Harold S. Peiffer 

Mr. and Ma Lee D. Peiffer 

Mr. Maurice T. Perilli, Sr. 

Mr. Walter R. Penman 

The Rev. George V. Peters 

Mr. and Ma Gerald J. Petrofes 

Political Science Club 

Dr. George S. Poust, Jr. 

Mr. Paul A. Putt 

Mr. Thomas S. Quinn, Jr. 

Ma Ezra H. Ranck 

Dr. Earl E. Redding 

Ma Robert H. Reese 

Miss Nellie Remsnyder 

Mr. and Ma Orin Remsnyder 

Ma Paul E. Rhinehart 

Ma Jacob L. Rhodes 

Senator and Ma Sido L Ridolfi 

Ma Ralph M. Ritter 

Ma D. H. Rodes 

The George Ruck Trust 

Ma F. Allen Rutherford 

Ma Frederick P. Sample 

Mr. and Ma William W. Sample 

Ma Irwin R. Schaak 

Mr. Ernest F. Schmidt 

Mr. Earl G. Schreck 

Miss Katherine Schultz 

Mr. and Ma Robert Sell 

Mr. Walter C. Seiwell 

Mr. and Ma Frederick R. Seltzer 

Ma Ralphs. Shay 

Mr. Kenneth Shenenberger 

Ma Paul 0. Shettel 

Mr. Norman A. Shoop 

Mr. and Ma Richard V. Showers 

Mr. John W. Shupe 

Mr. and Ma Richard F. Siedel 

Mr. E. D. Siegrist 

The Rev. Stanley A. Sitler 

Ma Alva R. Smith 

Miss Ethel May Smith 

Mr. and Ma Horace E. Smith 

Ma Robert W. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Smith 

Mrs. Emerson Snavely 

Ma Paul E. Snoke 

Ma Albert Snyder 

The Rev. George E. Snyder 

Mr. E. U. Sowea II 

Mr. and Ma Geoffrey Sowers 

Mr. A. C. Spangler 

Ma Raymond C. Spangler 

Mr. Hayden U. Sparks 

The Rev. Elbert D. Spencer 

Miss Ethel Stauffer 

The Rev. Albert L. Stinner 

Mr. and Ma Ralph N. Straley 

The Rev. Harry Suskey 

Ma Harry A. Swartz 

Miss Elizabeth L Taylor 

Ma F. L Teter 

The Rev. K. R. Texter 

Mr. Carl Thobe 

Mr. and Ma Warren K. A. Thompson 

Dr. and Ma C. F. Joseph Tom 

Mr. and Ma John S. Toothill 

The Rev. George W. Tovey 

Trenton Trust Company 

Dr. and Ma Perry J. Troutman 

United Lutheran Church of Annville 

Mr. Melville J. Van Horn 

Mr. and Ma Raymond Van Slyke 

Mr. Harry C. Wagner 

Mr. and Ma John W.Walters 

Mr. and Ma W. Royce Ward 

Mr. Earl D. Warner 

The Rev. Orville V. Warner 

Miss Emma B. Warsh 

Dr. and Ma Albert Watson 

Ma Carl Watts 

Dr. and Ma Harry P. Weest 

The Rev. Bradford G. Webstar 

Mr. and Ma August K. Weidel 

Mr. John H. Weisburger 

Mr. and Ma Harlan Wengert 

Mr. and Ma Samuel K. Wengert 

Dr. and Ma L. Elbert Wethington 

Ma J. R. Wertsch 

Dr. Charletta K. Weyland 

Mr. and Ma Edward F. White 

Ma Hedwig Wilkie and Family 

Mr. and Ma E.D.Williams, Jr. 

Ma E. D. Williams, Sr. 

Mr. Jesse E. Williams 

Mr. and Ma Leon Williams 

Mr. Albert F. Witmer 

WLBR Radio Station 

Dr. and Ma Paul L Wolf 

Dr. and Ma Allan F.Wolfe 

Women's Club of Palmyra 

Mr. Glenn H. Woods 

Mr. Robert R. Wyand 

Ma Dorothy H. Young 

Ma Myrtle A. Zeigler 

Ma Catheryn Zerbe 

Ma Arthur S. Ziegler 

Mr. and Ma Richard P. Zimmerman 

Mr. and Ma Paul Zullinger 


Mr. and Ma Lester C. Achey 

Mr. and Ma Craig P. Albright 

Mr. and Ma William D. Atthouse, Jr. 

The Rev. and Ma David H. Andrews 





Mr. and Ma James J. Arnold 

Mr. and Ma Arthur B. Asplund 

Mr. and Ma Robert D. Atkinson 

Mr. and Ma Donald Autenrieth 

Ma Simon P. Bacastow 

Ma Eugene L Bailes 

Dr. A. E. Bailey 

Mr. and Ma James H. Bair 

Mr. and Ma William E. Baker 

Mr. and Ma Carl E. Banzhoff 

Mr. and Ma Nicholas V. Bartell 

Mr. and Ma Guy E. Bartholomew 

Mr. and Ma Wilmer H. C. Bassett 

Dr. and Ma Robert L. Bauer 

Mr. and Ma B. Leonard Bean 

Mr. and Ma Theodore Beck 

Mr. and Ma William A. Bell 

Mr. and Ma Walter K. Bergey 

The Rev. and Ma George W. Bickel 

Mr. and Ma Victor Biever 

Mr. and Ma Wilbur D. Bigelow 

Mr. and Ma Tom Allen Bither, Jr. 

Mr. and Ma John W. Bitner, Sr. 


Mr. and Ma L. Fred Blanck 

Dr. and Ma Donald P. B loser 

Mr. and Ma Franklin Blouch, Sr. 

Mr. William W. Bohlander 

Mr. and Ma Richard G. Bollman 

Mr. and Ma Frank E. Bolway, Jr. 

Mr. and Ma Earl Bongart 

Mr. and Ma Hermann F. Bottcher 

Mr. and Ma James P. Bowditch 

Mr. and Ma Wilbur L Bowen 

Mr. and Ma David R. Bowman 

Mr. and Ma Harold J. Bowman 

Mr. and Ma Thomas B. Bowman 

Mr. and Ma Robert A. Boyer 

Mr. and Ma Harold E. Brocius 

Mr. and Ma Herbert E. Bronson 

Mr. and Ma Allen H. Brown 

Mr. and Ma I. Lee Brown 

Mr. and Ma Larry P. Bruenn 

Mr. and Ma Lawrence M. Brunner 

Mr. and Ma Lewis B. Buchanan 

Mr. and Ma John D. Burkholder 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Bushong 
Mr. and Mrs. John Buckfelder 
The Rev. and Mrs. E. 0. Butkofsky 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Campbell 
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Campbell 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Cassel 
Mr. and Mrs. Byron K. Catherman 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cestare 
Mr. and Mrs. William I.Checket 
Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius Chesney 
Mr. and Mrs. Ueselin Christi 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Clemens 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Clipp 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Coble 
Mrs. Daniel S. Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd F. Coy 
Mr. and Mrs. Alex R. Croce, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford B. Currin 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Curtis 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Daly, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. David Deaven. Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Deaven 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. DeBaun 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond 0. Oeneen 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Detar 
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick L. Detweiler 
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Dill 
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Dixon 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Dougherty 
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph W. Donmoyer 
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert S. Dorr 
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Dortch 
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore 0. Ooyle 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry I. Drendall 
Mr. Guy B. rum heller 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Evans Dunnick 
Mrs. Ruth A. Eckenroth 
Mr. and Mrs. Ray D. Eisenhower 
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil R. Ellis 
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Eshelman 
Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Essick 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Etter 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Evans 
Mr. and Mrs. William L H. Evans 
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin E. Fackler, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. Fasnecht 
Dr. and Mrs. Alex J. Fehr 
Dr. and Mrs. Murray Feldman 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Fetrow 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Fiedler 
Dr. and Mrs. George E. Fissel 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Fitzgerald, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Fleagle 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Flinchbaugh 
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon H. Fonken 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Fontenoy 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Fowler 
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Fox, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Frantz 
Mrs. J. Mabel Frantz 
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Fraytic 
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Freeland 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Fritz, Sr. 
Mrs. Harry Fry, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Seiler Fultz 
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur GaNun, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Garber 
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd R. Garland 
Mr. and Mrs. Abram W. Geib 
Mr. and Mrs. Herman K. Gessner 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Giles, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Tuney Gilgore 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Gingrich 
Mr. and Mrs. George Gordon 
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gordon 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Graft 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Graham 
The Rev. and Mr? Merrill E. Graves 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Charles Graybill 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Greenstein 
Dr. and Mrs. D. Dwight Grove 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Grube 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Gyuer 

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Harris 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Hartman 

Mr. and Mrs. Leon H. Hartman 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Harubin 

Dr.'and Mrs. Ellery B. Haskell 

Mr. and Mrs. Ben M. Hauserman 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Stanley Hawbaker 

Mrs. Gloria Hayner 

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Heagy 

Dr. and Mrs. A. H. Heisay 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Henckler 

Mrs. Mary Helen Henderson 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Henzel 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Herbert 

Mrs. Mary A. Hess 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Hess 

The Rev. and Mrs. D. Rayborn Higgins 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hildebrand 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy L Hill, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. Hoch 

Mr. and Mrs. Alford Hockley 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hoffman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Hoffsommer 

Mr. and Mrs. Leon W. Hogg 

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Holbrook 

Dr. and Mrs. Fred B. Hooper 

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Horn 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Hoffman, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul E. Horn 

Mr. and Mrs. I. Eby Hostetter 

The Hon. and Mrs. Willis M. Houck 

Mr. and Mrs. Darwin E. Houtz 

Mr. and Mrs. George Howard 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hubley, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hughes, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Hummer 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. lannarella 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Irwin 

Mr. and Mrs. Felix J. Janiak 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Stanley Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Rayherman J. Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jurman 

Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Kaplan 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D. Kauffelt 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kaufmann 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Keegan 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Raymond Keeports 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kehr 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kellow 

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Kerschner 

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Killam 

Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Klein 

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Klinefelter 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Klock 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Koch 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Koch, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Kohlhaas 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kreamer 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Kreichbaum 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kundrat 

Mr. and Mrs. Lionel J. Lague 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lanese 

Dr. and Mrs. George B. La u bach 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Lauver 

Mrs. Mildred Lawrence 

Dr. and Mrs. Norman Lazin 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Legath 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Lehn 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Lenker 

Mr. and Mrs. Rowland H. Lenker 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Lenker 

Mrs. Theodore Lidle 

Mr. and Mrs. Darnel W. Lied 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Light 

Dr. and Mrs. John J. B. Light 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Light 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Linda, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Lokey 

Mr. Joseph Lombardi 

Mr. and Mrs. Lester I. Long 

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore K. Long 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Look 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Loomis 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Lovegren 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Lukens 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Lynch 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W. Lyter, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard T. MacGowan 

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Mader 

Mrs. A. J. Magriney 

Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand V. Marsik 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Marsteller 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Vance C. Matter 

Mrs. Nancy L McCall 

Mr. and Mrs. Leo P. McCarren 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. McLaughlin 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. McPherson 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Meckley 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Melman 

Dr. and Mrs. Morton Melman 

Mr. and Mrs. William Melsky 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomes W. Melson 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic D. Merrill 

Mr. and Mrs. George Messersmith 

Mrs. Wayne S. Metka 

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Meyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Meyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis R. Michael 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Micka 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Guy R. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Minnich 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. Victor H. Morgenroth, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Morris, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Morris 

Mrs. George E. Moss 

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L Moul 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Moyer 

Dr. and Mrs. John H. Moyer, III 

Mr. and Mrs. Elwood B. Murray 

Mr. and Mrs. Jay C. Musser 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Myers 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Myers 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Nagy 

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Napier 

Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Neideigh, Sr. 

Dr. Howard A. Neidig 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Neiswender 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Ness 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nissley 

Mr. Willis S. Nolt 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Nornhold 

Mr. and Mrs. Bayard K. Olmsted 

The Rev. and Mrs. W. Jackson Otto 

Mr. and Mrs. John Patricelli 

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Paullin 

Mrs. Doris M. Pence 

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Penney 

Dr. and Mrs. Melvin A. Perkins 

Mrs. Dorothy E. Petrie 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Phillippy 

Mrs. Marian Pierce 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Pingel 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Potteiger 

Mrs. Mary S. Powley 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Purviance 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Quickel 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Ramey 

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin A. Rangnow 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur Raver 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Reese 

Dr. and Mrs. Howard F. Reber 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Rehrig 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Raid 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Reidy 

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd H. Renshaw, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Rice 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Richardson 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Riedel 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Riedman 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin S. Rife 

Mr. Ned W. Ritter 

Mr. and Mrs. George I. Robertson 

Mr. and Mrs. George V. Robertson, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Robey 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Rohrbaugh 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Rojohn 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rollinson 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Rothermel 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Rowe 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Royahn 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Ruehr 

Mr. and Mrs. Truman Rumfield 

Mr. and Mrs. Winf red V. Russell 

Dr. and Mrs. George P. Rutt 

Mr. and Mrs. Leon C. Saubel 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sazama 

Dr. and Mrs. Nelson S. Scharadin 

Mrs. Helen E. Schauer 

Mr. and Mrs. William Scherfel, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Schleifer 

Mr. and Mrs. William Schmehl 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Schreiber 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Scott 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Seidel 

Mr. and Mrs. Wright B. Shaw, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Shearer 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Shemas, Sr. 

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Frank L Shenk 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Shenk 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Sherman 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Shipe 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Shirk 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Shomper 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Shope 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawton W. Shroyer 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Donald Simmers 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Singer 

Mr. and Mrs. Levere Sipe 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Slocum 

The Rev. and Mrs. Paul J. Slonaker 

Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Snyder 

Mr. and Mrs. Cletus W. Snowberger 

Mr. and Mrs. Hilbert G. Snyder 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Snovel 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Speicher 

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Spengler 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Stachow 

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Stambach 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Foster Stambach 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Stanton 

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin M. Stare 

Mr. and Mrs. George Stauffer 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen W. Steffy 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stempkowski 

Dr. and Mrs. William F. Stine, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Stock 

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde P. Stohler 

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight D. Stoner 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Stottlemyer 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Stowe 

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Streeter 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Peter Strickler 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Swalm 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Swartz 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Sweger 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Sweigert 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Swenson 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Tarbutton 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Taylor 

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Templeton 

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll F. Thompson 

The Rev. and Mrs. Curvin L. Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Thornton 

Dr. and Mrs. James M. Thurmond 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Tomrell 

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Treftz 

Mr. and Mrs. Elvin K. Troutman 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Trullinger 

Mr. and Mrs. Hans W. Ubarsedar 

The Rev. and Mrs. Harold L Ulmer 

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Ulrich 

Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. Unger 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Van Arkel 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Van Houten 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Vissers 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Vowler 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Wagner 

The Rev. and Mrs. George M. Walborn 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Donald Wales 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Walker 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Walmer 

Mrs. Evelyn Walter 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul K. Waltz 

Mr. and Mrs. Orris A. Weaver 

Mr. and Mrs. Eldon S. Webb 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Weigel, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Merle C. Wertz 

Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Philip Wescott 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent West 

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Westerfield 

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. White 

The Rev. and Mrs. Melvin L. Whitmire 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Whittle 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Wible 

Mr. and Mrs. Homer W. Wieder 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wiest, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Will man 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Witmer 

Mrs. A. Gerhart Wine 

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Wittle 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Wolf 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur Wolfe 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Wonderling 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford H. Wood 

Mrs. Anna G. Woolley 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Worrilow, Jr. 

Mrs. Margaret Wright 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Yarger 

The Rev. and Mrs. Harold Yarrington 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Roy Yerger 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Yocum, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee F. Yost 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Zearfoss 

Mrs. Ruth Harnish Zentmeyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar I. Zerbe 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Ziegler 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer D. Zimmerman 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Zygmunt 




Dr. Jeanne Argot 

Dr. Jamas 0. Bemesderfer, Sr. 

Mrs. Ruth Engle Bender 

Dr. Elaine S. Berson 

Mr. Philip A. Billings 

Mr. 0. P. Bollinger 

Mr. James V. Bowman 

Mrs. Eloise Parr Brown 

Miss Fay B. Burras 

Mr. Ronald G. Burrichter 

Dr. Voorhis C. Cantrell 

Mr. D. Clark Carmean 

Capt. Charles T. Cooper 

Mr. George D. Curf man 

Dr. Hilda M. Damus 

Dr. Robert S. Davidon 

Mrs. Alice S. Diehl 

Dr. Cloyd H. Ebersole 

Dr. Carl Y. Ehrhart 

Dr. Anna D. Faber 

Mr. William H. Fairlamb 

Miss Martha C. Faust 

Dr. Alex J. Fehr 

Dr. Arthur L. Ford, Jr. 

Mr. D. Roger Gaeckler 

Mrs. Elizabeth Garman 

Dr. Elizabeth Geffen 

Dr. Pierce A. Getz 

Dr. Robert Griswold 

Mr. Robert E. Harnish 

Mr. Robert C. Hartman 

Mrs. June Eby Herr 

Mr. William E. Hough, III 

Mr. Richard A. Joyce 

Miss Myung J. Kang 

Mr. and Mrs. William Kerr 

Dr. Keith L. Kilgore 

Mrs. Josephine Hershey Kreider 

Mr. George F. Landis, Jr. 

Mr. Robert C. Lau 

Dr. Karl Lockwood 

Mr. David M. Long 

Dr. Jean 0. Love 

Dr. Mark L. Lyndrup 

Dr. Sylvia Malm 

Dr. George R. Marquette 

Dr. James H. Mather 

Dr. Joerg W. P. Mayer 

Mr. George P. Mayhoffer 

Mr. John R. McFadden 

Mr. William D. McHenry 

Dr. Earl R. Mezoff 

Mrs. Clara P. Miller 

Mrs. James R. Monteith, Jr. 

Dr. Howard A. Neidig 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert O'Donnell 

Mr. Gerald J. Petrofes 

Dr. S. Elizabeth Piel 

Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes 

Dr. Robert C. Riley 

Dr. Frederick P. Sample 

Mrs. Gardner Saylor 

Mr. Irwin R. Schaak 

Dr. Ralph S. Shay 

Mr. Richard V. Showers 

Mr. Robert W. Smith 

Mr. Walter L. Smith, Jr. 

Mr. Frank E. Stachow 

Mr. Gregory G. Stanson 

Mr. Dayle H. Stare 

Mrs. Charlotte Knarr Stare 

Mr. Warren K. A. Thompson 

Dr. James M. Thurmond 

Dr. C. F. Joseph Tom 

Dr. Perry Troutman 

Mrs. Jacqueline Walters 


Dr. L. Elbert Wethington 

Mrs. Francis H. Wilson 

Dr. Paul L Wolf 

Dr. Allan F.Wolfe 

Mr. Robert M. Wonderling 

Mr. Glenn H. Woods 

Mr. Richard E. Yeakel 

Mrs. Margie M. Yeiser 

Mr. Samuel J. Zearfoss 


Jefferson C. Barnhart, Esq. 

Miss Bertha Brossman Blair 

Mr. Samuel C. Boyer 

Dr. William D. Bryson 

Dr. Woodrow S. Dellinger 

William H. Egli, Esq. 

Mr. Paul C. Ehrhart 

Mr. DeWitt Essick 

Dr. Alex J. Fehr 

Dr. E. N. Funkhouser 

Mrs. D. Dwight Grove 

Dr. Thomas W. Guinivan 

Mr. John R. Harper 

The Rev. Calvin B. Haverstock, Jr. 

Dr. Carl W. Hiser 

Dr. Paul E. Horn 

Dr. Mark J. Hostetter 

Bishop Hermann W. Kaebnick 

Dr. Gerald D. Kauffman 

Dr. Clair C. Kreidler 

Dr. James H. Leathern 

Dr. Karl L. Lockwood 

Mr. Parke H. Lutz 

Mr. Robert W. Lutz 

Dr. Thomas S. May 

Dr. Warren F. Mentzer 

Mr. Malcolm Meyer 

Dr. Allan W. Mund 

Dr. Howard A. Neidig 

Mr. Raymond M. Oberholtzer 

Dr. Harold S. Peiffer 

Dr. Ezra H. Ranck 

Mr. Robert H. Reese 

Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes 

Mr. Melvin S. Rife 

Mr. Ralph M. Ritter 

Mr. F. Allen Rutherford, Jr. 

Dr. Daniel L. Shearer 

Mr. Lawton W. Shroyer 

The Rev. Paul J. Slonaker 

Horace E. Smith, Esq. 

Dr. Arthur W. Stambach 

Mr. E. Peter Strickler 

Dr. C. F. Joseph Tom 

Mr. Woodrow Waltemyer 

Dr. Albert Watson 

Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger 

Mr. Samuel K. Wengert 

Mr. E. D. Williams, Jr. 

Mr. Richard P. Zimmerman 


Ace Aluminum Sales Company 

The Actuaries Club of Philadelphia 

Aetna Life and Casualty 

Air Reduction Company, Incorporated 

American Home Products Corporation 

AMP Incorporated 

Annville Shoulder Strap Company 

Annville Water Company 


Armstrong Cork Company 

I. Auman Machine Company 

Bargain town, U. S. A. 

Mr. Donald A. Behney, Jr. 

Boger's Coal Company 

John D. Bohr, Jr. 

Bomberger's Bologna, Incorporated 

Boyer Printing and Binding Company 

Mr. Samuel C. Boyer 

Brandywine Iron and Metal Company 

Mr. Samuel H. Brubaker 

Buell Engineering 

Calcite Quarry Corporation 

Campbell Soup Company 

Cedar Book and Card Shop 

Chemical Bank 

CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 

College Hill Poultry, Incorporated 

Mr. William Condran 

Conestoga Heating and Plumbing Supply, Incorporated 

Davis, Katz, Buzgon and Davis 

Davis Pharmacy 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Davis 

The Dayton Malleable Iron Company 

Dechert Dynamics Corporation 

Di Anne Underwear Company, Incorporated 

Donmoyer Trucking 

Donough Pharmacy 

Eastman Kodak Company 

Ebersole Oldsmobile & Pontiac, Incorporated 

Everite Knitting Mills 

Farmers Trust Company of Lebanon 

First National Bank 

Arthur Funk and Sons, Incorporated 

Gibble's Paint Store 

Gingrich Motor Company 

Girard Trust Bank 

Gordon- Davis Linen Supply Company 

Hauck Manufacturing Company 
J. C. Hauer's Sons, Incorporated 
Henise Tire Service 
C. V.Henry, III, Esq. 
Hershey Foods Corporation 
Heverling Decorators 
Joseph H. Hill 

Eugene Ho aster Company, Incorporated 
Hocker's Pharmacy 
Hoste tier's Clothing Store 
Hostetter's Radio and T. V. 
Mr. Russell R. Hostetter, Decorator 
IBM Corporation 

International Telephone and Telegraph .Corporation 
Johnson and Johnson 
K & Y Sales 
Kercher Machine Works 
Keystone Weaving Mills 
Klick- Lewis Buick-Chevrolet 
Kreamer Brothers Furniture Store 
. Lauck Brothers 
Lebanon Chemical Corporation 
Lebanon County Trust Company 
Lebanon Plumbing Supply, Incorporated 
Lebanon Valley National Bank 
Lebanon Valley Offset Company 
Lebarnold, Incorporated 
Lesher's Mack Truck Sales and Service 
Logan's Dress Shop 
Long Nursery 

Ma's Old Fashion Bottling Company 
C. F. Manbeck, Incorporated 
Martani Plumbing 
Marty's Music Store 
McGraw-Hill, Incorporated 
Metropolitan Edison Company 
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 
Miller Brothers, Incorporated 
Milter's Pie Shop 
Milsan Mills, Incorporated 
Mobile Foundation, Incorporated 
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York 
National Biscuit Company 
Owens-Illinois, Incorporated 
Palm Press 

D.J. Parr, Incorporated 
Peiffer's Foodland, Incorporated 
J. C. Penney Company 
Pennsylvania Power and Light Company 
Peoples National Bank of Lebanon 
Elmer E. Plasterer, Incorporated 
Quaker Alloy Casting Company 
R. & J. Motors 
H. W. Reppert and Son 
Richland Knitting Mills 
The Richland National Bank 
Rohland Funeral Home 
Rohm and Haas Company 
Royer's Southside Flower Shop 
S. & M. Dress, Incorporated 
Schaffer's Dress Shop 
Sears Roebuck and Company 
Servomatton Services, Incorporated 
Sheridan Slag Company 
Mr. Lawton W. Shroyer 
Sower's Printing Company 
Stager Brothers Enterprises 
Standard Boiler Works, Incorporated 
Mr. Daniel Steiner 
Stanley A. Steiner and Company 
Stein's Clothing 
Strickler Insurance Agency 
Texaco Incorporated 
Trans World Airline, Incorporated 
Treadway Inn 

Unger Brothers Service Station 
Valley Estates, Incorporated 
Valley Trust Company 
Washington Mutual Insurance Company 
Weaver's Famous Lebanon Bologna, Incorporated 
Weis Markets, Incorporated 
Wengert 's Dairy, Incorporated 
Williams Chevrolet-Cadillac, Incorporated 


An increasing number of donors are becoming 
aware of the Matching Gift Program that has 
been adopted by many businesses and industries 
throughout the country. Under this program, 
the employee's contribution is matched by 
an equivalent amount by the participating 
company. It is important to note that most 
firms will not only match the gift of an alumnus, 
but also that of a parent or a friend. 

Contributors to the Lebanon Valley College 
Fund who may have questions regarding the 
matching gifts program should feel free to 
write the Director of Development at the 
College. He can supply the names of businesses 
which subscribe to this program. 

This year 42 firms made matching gifts to the 
College totaling $4800. We thank both the 
donors and the employers. 


A. S. Abell Company Foundation 

Abbott Laboratories Fund 

Aetna Life and Casualty 

Air Reduction Company, Inc. 

Aluminum Company of America 

American Bank and Trust Company of Pennsylvania 

American Home Products Corporation 

Armstrong Cork Company 

Atlantic Richfield Foundation 

Borg-Warner Foundation, Inc. 

Campbell Soup Company 

Chemical Bank 

C1BA-GEIGY Corporation 

Corning Glass Works Foundation 

The Dayton Malleable Iron Company 

Esso Education Foundation 

General Electric Foundation 

Girard Trust Bank 

Hershey Foods Corporation 

Humble Companies Foundation 

IBM Corporation 

The IFF Foundation, Inc. 

International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation 

Johnson and Johnson 

Kerr-McGee Foundation, Inc. 

McGraw-Hill, Inc 

The Merck Company Foundation 

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 

Mutual Life Insurance Company 

Mobil Foundation, Inc. 

Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York 

The National Biscuit Company 

The National Cash Register Foundation 

New York Times Foundation, Inc. 

Owens-Illinois, Inc. 

Pennsylvania Power and Light Company 

Rohm and Haas Company 

SCM Foundation, Inc. 

Smith, Kline end French Foundation 

Texaco Incorporated 

Trans World Airlines, Inc. 

Uniroyal Foundation 

The Arthur Young Foundation 


A. S. Abell Company Foundation 

Abbott Laboratories Fund 

Aluminum Company of America 

American Bank and Trust Company of Pennsylvania 

Atlantic Richfield Foundation 

Aycock, Incorporated 

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bishop Foundation 

John A. Blessing Foundation 

Borg-Warner Foundation, Incorporated 

The Carpenter Steel Foundation 

Corning Glass Works Foundation 

Esso Education Foundation 

Foundations for Independent Colleges 

General Electric Foundation 

Hershey Foods Corporation 

Household Finance Foundation 

Humble Companies Foundation 

The IFF Foundation, Incorporated 

W. K. Kellogg Foundation 

Kerr-McGee Foundation, Incorporated 

Koppers Foundation 

Lebanon Steel Foundry Foundation 

The Merck Company Foundation 

Morris and Mary Press Foundation 

The National Cash Register Foundation 

National Merit Scholarship Corporation 

New York Times Foundation, Incorporated 

The Presser Foundation 

Research Corporation 

SCM Foundation, Incorporated 

Mary Sachs Foundation 

Shell Companies Foundation, Incorporated 

Smith, Kline and French Foundation 

Horace E. Smith Foundation 

Thomas F. Staley Foundation 

Uniroyal Foundation 

Xerox Corporation 

The Arthur Young Foundation 

The Jacob C. Winter Foundation 


During 1970-1971, gifts were received in memory of: 

Miss Elizabeth A. Carl -1935 

Mr. Homer Fink- 1920 

Mrs. Marguerite Martin Green • 1942 

Mr. Reno E. McCauley - 1918 

Mrs. Gene Bowman Neidig - 1944 

Mr. Paul O.Shettel- 1918 

Mr. Damon L. Silvers, Jr. - 1939 

Mr. DonaldS. Staley -1942 

Dr. PaulS. Wagner -1917 

Dr.E. D.Williams, Sr.- 1917 

Dr. Francis H. Wilson 


E. W. Coble Estate 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Fulk 

Mr. and Mrs. Parke H. Lutz 


Mr. Samuel K. Wengert 

The Hon. Lawton W. Shroyer 

Mr. Thomas C. Reinhart '58 

The Hon. G. Thomas Gates 
Parents and Friends 

Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes '43 
Faculty and Administration 

G. Harold Bucher '47 
Business and Industry 

E. D. Williams, Jr. 
Business and Industry 

Paul C. Ehrhart 


Baltimore Area Club - The Rev. Bernard E. Fogle 
Berks County Club - Mr. Richard L. Bashore 
Delaware Valley Area Club - Mr. John W. Metka 

Mr. Donald R. Kaufmann 
Derry Area Club - Mr. Gregory G. Stanson 
Mr. George J. Hollich, Jr. 
Mr. Kenneth A. Longenecker 
Harrisburg Area Club - Mr. Merle L. Wise 
Lancaster County Club - Mr. J. Dean Burkholder 

Mr. Larry L. Ziegler 
Lebanon County Club - Mr. Ronald E. Drum 
Lehigh Valley Area Club - Mr. Herbert L. Booz 

Mr. Clarence C. Aungst 
Mason - Dixon Area Club - The Rev. David E. Stum 
National Capital Area Club - Mr. Samuel O. Grimm, Jr. 
North New Jersey Area Club - Mr. Robert D. Hoffsommer, Jr. 
York County Club - Mr. David R. Miller 
Mrs. Susan S. Miller 


Mr. G. Harold Bucher - Co-Chairman 
Mr. E. D. Williams, Jr. - Co-Chairman 

.2 r* 

ILL , ;... X" 



Dr. E. N. Funkhouser President Emeritus 

Dr. Allan W. Mund President 

Mr. Malcolm Meyer First Vice President 

Mr. Lawton W. Shroyer Second Vice President 

Mr. E. D. Williams, Jr Secretary 

Mr. Samuel K. Wengert Treasurer 

Dr. Gerald D. Kauffman Assistant Treasurer 

Trustees Emeritus 

Dr. E. N. Funkhouser 
Dr. Albert Watson 

Trustees Honorary 

Mrs. Bertha Brossman Blair 
Mr. Parke H. Lutz 


18 1 3 


is g 17 
° i Is § s 

© E £ ® a> 
z: c a»« 3 

O a» a fe *t 

"S&O * g 

Jefferson C. Barnhart, Esq. 

Mr. Samuel C. Boyer 

Dr. William D. Bryson 

Dr. Woodrow S. Dellinger 

Mr. Paul C. Ehrhart 

Mr. DeWitt Essick 

Dr. Alex J. Fehr 

Mrs. D. D wight Grove 

Dr. J. Paul Gruver 

Dr. Thomas W. Guinivan 

Mr. John R. Harper 

Rev. Calvin B. Haverstock, Jr. 

Dr. Carl W. Hiser 

Dr. Paul E. Horn 

Dr. Mark J. Hostetter 

Bishop J. Gordon Howard 

Bishop Hermann W. Kaebnick 

Dr. Lester M. Kauffman 

Dr. Clair C. Kreidler 

Dr. James H. Leathern 

Dr. Karl L. Lockwood 

Mr. Robert W. Lutz 

Mr. Richard P. 

Dr. Thomas S. May 
Dr. Warren F. Mentzer 
Dr. Howard A. Neidig 
Mr. Raymond M. Oberholtzer 
Dr. Harold S. Peiffer 
Dr. Ezra H. Ranck 
Mr. Robert H. Reese 
Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes 
Mr. Melvin S. Rife 
Mr. Ralph M. Ritter 
Mr. F. Allen Rutherford 
The Hon. H. Jack Seltzer 
Dr. Daniel L. Shearer 
Rev. Paul J. Slonaker 
Horace E. Smith, Esq. 
Dr. Arthur W. Stambach 
Rev. Paul E. Stambach 
Mr. E. Peter Strickler 
Dr. C. F. Joseph Tom 
Mr. Woodrow Waltemyer 
Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger 
The Hon. John L. Worrilow